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CheeseDanish lives in Greeley, Colorado; born in Omaha, Nebraska. Greeley is about an hour northeast of Denver, and maybe 30 minutes east of Ft. Collins. I like it because it is fairly close to other towns in the area. We are known in the area for our smell of livestock, thanks to the Monfort family. One really doesn't mind so much after a while. I love the Colorado Rocky Mountains. The hiking is great, the camping is great, and the fishing and hunting are pretty good as well.

Durango was established in 1881 as a frontier mining town. But many of the old-time settlers discovered they got more out of the scenery than the mines. Nestled in the Animas River Valley, in the afternoon shadows of the San Juan Mountains, people still get pretty much the same feeling. There’s something about being where picture-postcard beauty circles you like an old wagon train. It tends to slow folks down a notch or two and let their best side catch up to them.

Like more than half of the population of Colorado, I too moved here from elsewhere. I currently reside in the City and County of Denver. It's an interesting city, if you don't care much for personality. Denver has yet to find its niche, and is experiencing the expected growing pains.

If you don't already live here, don't move here. We're full. Thanks.

goneaway lives in Denver, Colorado because his girlfriend lives here. I'm probably not the best resident for this town since I'm neither a rabid football fan or a car owner.
I'm here for awhile and becoming more acclimated all the time but it's still kinda hard to switch out of my snobbish San Francisco attitude about anywhere that isn't San Francisco even two years later. Maybe I'm bummed because I can't deal with changing seasons anymore.

I live in Colorado Springs having moved here from New Jersey in 2001. What makes the place stand out from my hometown in New Jersey are all the statues of historical figures. These are people who did something with the city like Spencer Penrose a philanthropist who made his fortune with gold mines in Cripple Creek, Colorado which is currently a hub of gambling which pales beside Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Mr. Penrose's works range from the Broadmoor over by Cheyenne Mountain, the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and has a hospital named after him. He can be found on the median of Pikes Peak near Tejon. William Jackson Palmer founded the city in 1871 and he can be found astride his mount in the middle of Platte near Acacia Park. His horse once had its balls painted red as a graduation prank. Among these founders are Katherine Lee Bates and William Seymour who are in front of the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum. Ms Bates wrote America the Beautiful in Colorado Springs, inspired by the sights from the top of Pikes Peak. One of Mr. Seymour's distinctions is being the first black man to serve on a jury in El Paso County. In New Jersey there's just a minuteman and a few Washington was heres.

Now history does not equal culture and Colorado Springs is the poster child since there's nothing to do out here. People work, people slave but the height of cultural activity is going to church, visiting one of the many restauraunts with shit on the walls or a day trip to Denver. The weather is nice because there's no humidity and coming from the swamplands of New Jersey it's nearly paradise. This comes at a price, no beaches. I do feel left out in Colorado Springs. Disdained by the natives with their clever bumper stickers mimicking a personalized license plate bearing the word NATIVE. If only I could find one that said IMMIGRANT to rub it in. Of course I'm not going to be here for much longer.

JediBix783 lives in Littleton, but during the school year can be found in DC. I was born here and have lived here for most of my life (with brief living excursions to Tucson, Arizona and Toronto, Canada). And yes, I drive two SUV's, but I also love nature (I'm a terrible hypocrite, I know) and spend a lot of time in the mountains, hiking, camping, mountain biking, etc. Downtown Denver, with its cultural amenities, is probably my favorite big city. Every day that I'm away, I love this state a little more.

joinrdie was born and raised in Aurora, CO, and currently lives in Boulder, attending school amidst all of the hippies and the yuppies. Aurora was nice when I was born, but twenty years later it is rapidly ghetto-fying. Now people get killed and stuff there. It's sad. At any rate, if I was ever to move somewhere it'd have to be similar to Colorado, like maybe Montana or something. The mountains are great but the place is getting crowded.

/me lives in Fort Collins, Colorado, which is an hour north of Denver. I lived in San Diego for most of my US Navy career. When I became an instructor and a mass-transit network technician, I moved to Bangkok, Thailand to teach for most of 1998. While I was in Thailand, I sent my wife and kids to Fort Collins.

From Colorado Springs, CO. Like ommadawn, I have also moved into the state (being a military brat and all...). Everyone seems to yammer about skiing throughout the winter months. However, I suspect only a handful of people actually travel into the mountains. Do you notice how everyone is on the Front Range? If anyone lives in the Rocky Mountains or even the eastern plains, please speak up! I actually like Colorado weather. Sure, some days there is snow and fog and drizzle, but where else will it be 55 degrees and sunny the next day?

I was an Air Force brat so I grew up at several bases around the country, but ended up in Colorado Springs, CO when it came time for me to head out on my own. After graduating high school, I went to the Colorado School of Mines, since it was close enough to my parents that I could visit on the weekends, but far enough away that I could at least pretend to be independent. After graduating I decided that I couldn't see myself living anywhere that the sun didn't set behind the mountains. Since I currently live in Lakewood (just west of Denver) and work in the Denver Tech Center (the business district just south of the city), the drive home is almost always spectacular. And one of these days I may even learn to ski.

Sneak241 lives in Evergreen, CO, about 20 minutes west up I-70 from the outskirts of Denver. It's a beautiful place in the foothills where you can actually see the stars on a clear night. I spend an hour on the road each day to go to school with fellow noders JediBix783, LordNathan, and JediPhil683 (no, they are not related) at JK Mullen High School, from which we will all graduate (Insh'Allah) in May 2002. My school and my home have about a 2500 ft. elevation difference. I have lived here for more than 7 years now, before which I moved quite often. I couldn't really ask to grow up in a more fulfilling place. The fog here is that perfect romantic fog that lifts you off of your feet. There's this point driving down I-70 where you go around this turn and you can see the whole city in front of you. My favorite times are when I'm driving down out of fog bank and it feels like I'm falling out of the clouds or when the fog covers the city and it seems like I'm driving to the ocean. Spectacular...

TheLordScribe lives in Denver as well. And I go to East High School with my friends. But therevengingo is incorrect about one thing: I am an acolyte no longer - ha ha! I'm a scribe - so now my name actually makes sense. But what will happen when I become a monk? Apparently someone is very, very bad at long term planning. Awww nuts. Oh well. Denver, is well, Denver. Forgive me, I have no medium to compare it to, as I seem to be a permanent resident so far. All I know is that when I travel down to sea level I feel like a million bucks! My science teacher tried to explain that to me. Something to do with hemoglobins, I think. Alas, I don't know. Goes to show how much I pay attention.

/me lives in Denver, Colorado as I have all my life. Denver is a beautiful city, except the horizon in the winter can be VERY brown...

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