This was a bumper sticker that seemed to be fairly popular after the Columbine High School shootings in Colorado.

I would like to start off saying that we are NOT all Columbine. I am a Colorado citizen, and I do sympathize with the families of this tragedy as well as others. However, I do not wish to be seen as part of that situation. There was a lot of blame to throw around on all sides; it was an ugly situation.

Many Colorado citizens do not wish to be connected with the Columbine High School culture. Some of us had a serious problem with the situation there. The staff as well as the students and parents are all to blame. I will focus on the students. There were some students that were excluded and taunted apparently to get a reaction out of them. I don’t think they expected to get shot up. That was a result of, among many other things, being excluded and taunted enough. The lack of respect of the humanity of others manifest itself in a violent result. This situation is played out constantly through the school system and the faculty generally does little to stop it. They do not wish to disrupt the majority of the student body in order to help a few struggling children. This situation is symptomatic of the situation in high schools across the U.S. That is a discussion for another writeup.

I always make an attempt to get to know a person before making any decisions at to their personality, etc. I would like to think that I have a bit more compassion for all of humanity than is played out daily at Columbine and other high schools. Differences make society interesting.

I am NOT Columbine.

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