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I registered for Everything2 on December 27, 2001. But everybody will be busy on the tenth anniversary of that date. However, my first node was written on November 11, 2002 and I know some of you will be available on the ninth anniversary of that date. It will also be the twelfth anniversary of Everything's first node and the fifth anniversary of my first nodermeet.

Please come up to my house in Winchester, Hampshire, UK on the weekend of Friday 11 to Saturday 12 to Sunday 13 November 2011, for a noding meet.

There will be mandatory noding at this nodermeet. If you come to this meet, YOU MUST NODE! This is something that I feel has been conspicuous in its absence from previous nodermeets.

Here is the plan

And remember plans rarely survive contact with noders:

  • Evening of Friday 11 November 2011

    I plan to be at a pub in central Winchester. I expect noders will turn up to the city centre directly by train (mainly), starting at around 7pm, or earlier if they think they can entertain themselves until I turn up. We drink beer and have some food in the pub. We take a taxi back to my house all together.

    Noders sleep on my floor and sofas.

  • Saturday 12 November

    This is the Main Day Of Things.

    • Get up
    • Breakfast
    • Move improvised beds out of the way
    • Plotting of schemes for lunch and dinner. Since there is a supermarket, I think there's no point in plotting intensely complicated schemes for dinner until it's clearest who is turning up and what they'll eat.
    • Go shopping for necessary provisions (shouldn't be out of the house for too long)
    • Lunch
    • Noders who didn't feel like arriving on Friday arrive around this time?
    • ***NODING***
    • Putting (there is a putting green near my house)
    • Miscellaneous stuff? Videogames? Maybe go for a walk if the weather is nice
    • Dinner
    • Noders who don't feel like staying the night leave around this time?
    • More drinks
    • Shenanigans, hijinks
    • Sleep
  • Sunday 13 November

    Breakfast and then people go home, I guess.

Nature of the noding challenges

To be revealed!!! (i.e. not worked out yet)

Specific sleeping arrangements

I can provide:

  • 1 airbed of my own + 1 sleeping bag
  • 1 spare mattress
  • 10 sofa cushions (I find that about 4 of these makes a bed of the correct length and I am very tall)
  • Floor space for about 4/5 extra people to sleep without actually overlapping into the kitchen or hall

If you want to stay for either night, let me know and let me know what you're bringing.

On previous occasions I have slept in my own living room and allowed some overflow into the master bedroom (i.e. mine) which is big enough for one or two more people not counting the bed itself. Be assured that we shall figure something out and I will draw the line once I think there are enough people.


  • If you want to stay for 1 or more nights, bring a sleeping bag and (if possible) a mat/airbed. The more you can bring yourself, the better you'll do. Note: it's November and the house isn't insulated very well!
  • NODING EQUIPMENT: a laptop would be ideal, but in a pinch I can provide a pen and paper and you can type it up afterwards. In the latter case, bring your E2 password (in your head, ideally) so that you can log in to node your node.


I live in the countryside to the south of Winchester, Hampshire, UK, about 1 hour 15 minutes southwest of London by train or by car. I will send you my post code, street address and special directions if/when you're confirmed as attending.

By car

It's pretty easy once you're off the M3. There is unlimited free parking.

By public transport

This is trickier. Winchester train station is easy to get to, but after that there are (rare) buses out to where I live, followed by a walk through the middle of nowhere. Or you can walk the whole way, which is 3 miles, all uphill. If that sounds like fun (several of my friends have done it) go ahead.

Again, a clever document containing all the information you need can be provided once you're confirmed; it is also possible (depending on the timing) that I will be able to pick you up from the station by car. The more advance information you can provide, the better.


Confirmed as coming

People definitely not coming

People uncertain

  • Oolong wants to come but can't make any promises yet!
  • Everybody else not listed here...


/msg me if you would like to come and I'll distribute my email/mobile details if you don't already have them!

/msg me if anything here needs clarifying, also.

/msg me if you have special dietary requirements.



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