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picture: AnyaDog, PussyMog, CheshireMog, and me Just what the heck IS this thing called E2? It isn't a writeup, or the existing body of writeups; if there were an accident and they were all deleted, E2 would still exist. It isn't a name, a URL, or a person. It isn't a user, or group of users, or even a particular group of people. We are as cells in an organism, constantly being replaced while the larger structure remains. It sure as heck isn't the mess of spaghetti perl underneath it all. So what's left? I believe that what has been created here, inadvertantly, most closely resembles something like an Air Force Squadron - an entity, existing independantly of its constituent parts. And you can't kill a squadron. <The Custodian> DTal: I'd hate to walk the dog with that bitch. (referring to an ancient yo-yo) <Pandeism Fish> It occurs to me that constructive criticism might be abetted on this site by allowing some kind of anonymous commentary. Clockmaker pulls the INSANE stamp out of its drawer <Clockmaker> Hold still; don't move your forehead... <mcd> yeah, but I get sweet illegal pie all the time, if I giggle right (referring to the "I am at least 13" checkbox on <fairyplain> some of the top 400 are hedgehogs <Cogsworth> The top 400 what? <fairyplain>fortune 400 wertperch does not know whether to Twitter or Facebook the fact that he is working. 04:08 <dragondude40> looking for an episode about an alien sound that makes men, kill women to extinct all humankind on planet Earth 04:14 <Rapscallion> Episode of what? 04:15 <Simulacron3> Sex in the City <sam512> I hate nonsense. It was of slight value back when it was in short supply, but this is the internet now. <maxClimb> The other night I dreamt I was making pizza for friends (including a noder/Facebooker I haven't actually met) and there were complaints of "not enough yellow (i.e. cheddar) cheese". I guess it was a nightmare, actually. <doyle> Criminy, I need a whiskey that doesn't screw ewith the fucking keyboard <jessicapierce> How come when I log in every ten years, there is always a new writeup about Bridget Jones' Diary in the sidebar <Andrew Aguecheek> Pro-tip, the internal bladder of a winebox can be inflated to make a servicable pillow if you can't reach your bed after emptying it.