Run, you bitches! It's the official TenMinJoe welcome meetup!

Saturday 18th September 2004 - 6pm

Penderel's Oak Pub

Special Guest: TenMinJoe


Blah blah blah, noder meet. Blah blah blah, London. Blah blah blah, TenMinJoe.

Would you Adam and Eve it? TenMinJoe has finally seen sense, moved out of the desolate gulag of Harrogate, and come down to thrusting, glamorous, exciting 1960's Cockernee London, where the streets are paved with gold, and you can't throw a shitty stick without hitting the Beatles, King's Road, Camden, Michael Caine, Chelsea boots, etc. Have a banana!

To celebrate TenMinge arriving in the 20th Century* we're going to welcome him to civilisation by sitting next to him and drinking booze until our arses fall off. Let's show him how we do things London-style, innit? So have a quick J. Arthur, put on your weasel, run down the apples and pears, jump in a jam jar or a Michael, and come down the rub a dub for a couple of Britneys, and maybe a ding dong round the old Joanna! Sort it out! Don't be a Gareth Hunt!

TenSecJim! I fucking LOVE that guy! When and where??

The usual: Penderel's Oak, which is big, quiet, and reasonably priced. The address is 283 High Holborn, a short walk from Holborn tube, or Chancery Lane tube. Go here for a map, here for photos, and here if you need directions. If you want crash space, ask someone who is coming, or go to for hostels around London.

It'll be on Saturday 18th September, around 6pm. Come one, come all, but not on the carpet.

Terms and Conditions

  1. There will be no discussing politics, religion, religious politics, political religiosity, or issues of a religio-political nature. Keep all conversations light, shallow, and easy to understand after 18 pints.
  2. You can talk about e2 all you want. But remember, there are Other Subjects. We're going to the pub to get out of the house and away from the internet for a few hours. Let's show it we don't need it, and could give it up anytime.
  3. We all know smoking is bad for our health. They write it in REALLY BIG FUCKING LETTERS on fag packets. Please refrain from pointing it out to us in an amusing fashion. We know. We want to die. Life's just too damn hard.
  4. It's a pub. We're going there to have fun. Please enjoy yourself accordingly. Sobriety is frowned upon. fondue is allowed to be sober, because he's got "issues", but he was acquitted of all charges, and that family was asking to be run off the road, man.

Your statutory rights are not affected.

Ralphy's List - the List is Life

Let me know if you are coming, or not, and ting. The following lists will keep you updated about who is coming, so you can decide whether it's worth your while:

Dude, I'm so there

TenMinJoe (Father Lankester Merrin)
RalphyK (Ashley "Ash" J. Williams)
JodieK (Lt. Ellen Ripley)
spiregrain (Norman Bates)
TheLady (Laurie Strode)
K9 (Michael Myers)
princess loulou (Woman)
booyaa (Man)
StrawberryFrog (Multiple Miggs)
Tiefling (Damien Thorn)
Catchpole (Bruce)
La petite mort (Mina Murray)
Gritchka (R.J. MacReady)

Dude, I'm not sure

Andrew Aguecheek (Randy Meeks)
minisecret (Regan Teresa MacNeil)
fondue (Annie Wilkes)

Dude, I suck

amnesiac (Private Hudson)
ReiToei (Jack Torrance)
Master Villain ("Murder" Legendre)
toalight (Father Damien Karras)
NotFabio (Ian Malcolm)
revolution (Blain)
LeoDV (Richard Gecko)
Oolong (Constable Ichabod Crane)
JohnnyGoodyear (Dr Samuel J. Loomis)
Swap (Major Henry West)

*I know it's not the 20th century any more. I'm pretending it's the 60s. Why must you make me feel small? Is it because you have a tiny penis?

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