A Hebrew myth about the first man and woman. They originally lived in the Garden of Eden, but were kicked out by God for the crimes of independent thinking and talking to snakes. From thence they had to go forth and make babies, marrying them to the folks in the next town.
Actually, evidence is that all of our genetic heritage came from a very small population only ~10^4 generations ago, but in Africa, not Iraq

Company selling adult merchandise (books, videos, sex toys, lingerie, just about anything you could think of) via catalogs and the net (www.adameve.com). One of those places that sends you a catalog so frequently that you start to toss them without bothering to look at them because it's all the same stuff under different covers each week.

We are told that Adam was created first and that Eve followed. I had wondered if God did not create all the other creatures this way, with the male first and the female following. Surely He didn't, but why was it this way with Man? I am told that God made Man in His Image, and so Man must have been a very special creature indeed. It was God who noted that "it is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him" (NIV). The Bible tells it to us this way, not that Man was sullen or complained or desired a companion, taking his issues with God one on one, as they did in those days.

I am not curious as to God's motives for this course of action for feminist reasons. I am a Christian and have learned that there are lots of things I will never understand about God because He is not exhaustive. I have no problem with the fact that Man was made first. Nor do I think my question will ever get an answer, especially from those who would answer it with some pro-male take on it. Opinions are not feelings, and I don't think they should always be.

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