Since Genesis says that "God created humans in God's image; male and female God created them", one might infer that God is at least as female as God is male.

Personally, I think assigning a human gender is a silly thing to do to your concept of God. (I'm not crazy about assigning gender to humans, for that matter.)

But I think it's safe to say that God is as much not-male as God is not-female. That's why I don't say "He" or "Him" or "His" when referring to God. I just say "God".

Image is an ambiguous term. Certainly limiting the term to image as a look or as "flesh" would seem to quite simplistic for a concept as large as God.

Image can be attitude, thought, origin of substance, like qualities within the matrix.

If we accept the premise that humans "fell" were tainted by sin, then some of this image has also been corrupted. So the perfect love, justice,etc. of God becomes something much less in humans, maybe even perverted.

I liken the image of God in us to the process of mining. Many tons of ore yield only small amounts of the pure mineral. Likewise it can take some devining to find the pure aspects of God within us.

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