Lingerie is what you would call a girl's underwear.. ranging from panties, to bras, to corsets.. Also including things like babydolls and teddies.. stockings and garters

Amazing, really. There's certainly a lot of effort that goes into the production, design and purchase of this stuff. Also, there must be a pretty nice profit margin on lingerie. I mean, the raw materials are not only scant, but also flimsy. And all these different styles, brands, and technical specifications- not to mention a rather confusing sizing system.

Lingerie is one of those things that make me glad I'm male. It's nice to have standardized undergarments.

Lin`ge*rie (?), n. [F.]

Linen goods collectively; linen underwear, esp. of women; the clothing of linen and cotton with its lace, etc., worn by women.


© Webster 1913

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