A teddy, in addition to being a benign variety of bear, is a type of lingerie for women. Think of a one-piece swimsuit and then make it silk or satin, add lace and frilly stuff wherever you might prefer, and you have a teddy. Niiiiice...

As the glorious Deimios stated above, Teddy is the supertoy friend of David in the Steven Spielberg film A.I. The movie was excellent in my humble opinion, and atthe first sight of Teddy, it triggered a deep emotional response from my childhood.

Those that know me intimately, know me as being one not to talk about the time before my mother died. This time was a happy time when life was good, and I didn't know of emotional pain. I was almost an only child. I say almost because my older sister was ten years my senior, was out of the house when I was 8. With her in college, I more or less grew up an only child. I have always longed, because of this pseudo-only child syndrome, for a younger brother. CyberGoat has a younger brother, and it makes me envious of the interaction that they have. The love-hate deal, the non-physical tough love that CyberGoat harbors towards his younger brother is something I wish I could have done, or do now. I long for the feeling of being able to have a younger brother look up to me for guidance as I long for an older brother so that I may have done the same.

So in my youth, I always dreamed of having a 'live' sentient pet that would be a companion. Something that would think for itself, and something that could carry a real conversation with me. Something that could follow me around and could be an equal to me. Something almost the same lines as Calvin's Hobbes.

Fast forward once again to the movie A.I. and more specifically Teddy. When I saw Teddy, and the way it interacted with David, I realized that is exactly what I wanted in my youth. A bear, or some creature that was sentient that would be able to keep me personal company in lieu of my friends.

I guess some things are better off as dreams. However, if the possibility presented itself, I would still want a Teddy to keep me company during the day.

No . . . you'll break.

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