Another Nodeshell Rescue

The second time I went to college was because of my girlfriend. She was 3 years younger than I was, and we started going out when I was 21. She was very well constructed, perfectly proportional. The best part was that she was amazingly intelligent, since I find that smart is sexy.

She had a history among my friends. She went out with three of my closest pals. Since I was the oldest of the group, I guess she just moved right up the checklist to me. She was very talented sexually, and after one friend was dumped for the next one, the now lonely one complained how they missed the great sex. Being young and male, these stories piqued my interest in this smart little woman who was as interested in screwing for pleasure as any guy... even though accusations of cheating followed her around.

When we got together, she was getting ready to go to a college in upstate New York. I wanted to stay together, so I applied to the same school. Since I was on my own, I had an abysmal income, and they accepted me with tuition, room and board paid for. I was quite pleased, since I would be going back to school and I would have a great time with my girlfriend.

I must admit, the rumors of her sexual appetites and skills were very well founded. She truly enjoyed sex, almost to the point of being obsessive. We had sex in her room, my room, in the common showers (the room bustling with students brushing their teeth getting ready for classes), in the fountain in front of the student union at night. I have found only one other woman who was as hungry for sex as she was, and no, it's not my wife.

I was at her nether region's beck and call. My classes suffered because of the copious amounts of sex. Yes, I was whipped. She knew it. That turned her on, and so on and so fourth.

I bought her some black silk underwear (no, it wasn't $175 as the nodeshell says), a teddy, and a garter with stockings. I went to her room, but her roommate said my girlfriend was at the student union with her math tutor. THat should've rung a bell, since she was a whiz at math. I left the ribboned box on her pillow, and went to dinner.

I stopped back at her room to see if she was there. She certainly was, wearing the sexy outfit. She looked stunning, and the guy who was fucking her must've appreciated it as well. She let out a yell, I punched the guy in the nose. He fell over, still glistening from where he and she were joined. She started crying and saying how sorry she was. He was crying because I had broken his nose. I was pissed, I left.

To this day I still fantasize about her. I knew I was being used, but to a guy still working on emotional bonding, it was an incredible loss and it was painful. I guess that taught me a lesson on using people, as I knew at that point what it must feel like when a guy is cheating on his girlfriend. I never cheated on anyone I went out with after that. I think it made me a better person. The sex is always great, especially when you're young, but as you get older, it's the belonging and intimate sharing that will remain in your heart. If I had the chance to rekindle the sexual relationship with that old girlfriend, I wouldn't. What I have now is worth more to me than all of my ex's in expensive black silk underwear combined.

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