It's about time Tiefling organised a nodermeet

Well, I don't know about organise. But here I go announcing one. Unlike the foregoing shenanigans in Winchester, this meet will not be revolting, nor can I ensure it will be unmorrised. St Albans does have quite a lot of morris dancers. I do promise not to show up with a bladder on a stick.

But isn't St Albans a poncey stockbroker belt place?

Maybe. But it's also 2100 years old, has about a hundred pubs, and is the home of The Campaign for Real Ale. So at least there'll be something to drink. Lots of heritage-type activities for those who're interested, too.

OK, when, then?

Saturday 23 August recommends itself. For a start, it's the first day between now and the end of the month when I'll be free for this kind of malarkey. It'll be mainly a daytime meet, as I can't offer any crash space, and I'm the only noder living here. There are hotels here, but like the houses, they ain't cheap. However, the festivities will continue as long into the evening as there are noders to prolong them. Make sure you're able to leave, that's all.


In St Albans, Hertfordshire, about 20 miles NNW of London. You can get there by Thameslink or Silverlink trains (and Midland Mainline is handy, too). We're just off the M1, the M25 and the A1, and there are a fair few long distance buses to places like Heathrow.

Where are we going when we get there, fool?

Oh, right. The Cross Keys, a J D Wetherspoon pub in Chequer Street, about equidistant between the two stations, is open from 10am and serves coffee. It'll do for a starting-off point. From there we can go to any of the many other pubs, or do sightseeing things, or (most likely) a mixture of the two. I imagine people will start arriving about 11am. There's a beer festival at the Lower Red Lion, and there's also the likelihood of eating at the Waffle House (not to be confused with the US chain of the same name).

So how do I get to the pub?

From City station, get up onto the bridge over the railway, and head up Victoria Street towards the town centre. At the top, turn left and go down the hill a little way, and the pub's on your left. Coming out of Abbey Station, turn right and go straight up the hill. The pub's on the right near the top.

And who's coming?

I'm now back from holiday. If you're planning to come, /msg me, email me, or if you've got my number, SMS me. the following people have expressed an interest in coming. (Please encourage people to come - including the ones on this list :-)

One last thing - Queen Anne's girlfriend?

Local heroine Sarah Jennings, Duchess of Marlborough. Apparently she and Brandy Nan were quite pally, to say the least.

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