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Picture of me by SEF. If you're looking for Scribe's picture, you missed it. Sorry.

For Audrey: Do not despair. All will be well, with time. I know it. I haven't any deep insights, just a deep certainty. You are special. You deserve good things.

SEF can be contacted at . She's asked me to say that she's thinking fondly of all of us, and would love to hear from anyone who wants to contact her. She's also a Community2 member, for those who have access.

To all of my friends who are feeling down, or who have had bad news: all I can really do is to be here, so I'm here. Take heart.

I am someone's type. Am I yours?

I believe

I believe

I believe

Too much information...

...stack overflow.

Thank you all.
I've learned a lot from this site so far.
Not just about American fast food
or sapphism, simians and soya
but most importantly about people. I've learned
to fight the tyranny of stereotypes. I've discovered that
trying to quantify or explain human feelings is like trying
to catch fog in a net. You are all wonderful people, and trying
to explain how I know that or what it means would take forever
so I just want you all to believe it's true.
I came to e2 when I was young and inexperienced. Well, I'm still
young and inexperienced, but that doesn't bother me so much. I've
made friends here who are kind, caring and forgiving. You've helped
me overcome my fear of writing fiction, supported me when I've been
down, and understood me. I've sometimes put some of you
in awkward situations. Thank you for not running a mile. I've
occasionally been a creepy and unpleasant person - usually
when I've been depressed. For that, I'm sorry. Thanks to
my friends, I'm now on a much more even keel.

To tell someone 'I think you're wonderful'
can sound like flattery, even though it's true. But to
talk about how that idea makes one feel can give
a wrong impression too. Romance is a concept which has been
the victim of stereotypes since time immemorial. But between
and distinct from the modern view of romance as directed at
sex and 'relationships', and the medieval poetic ideal
of a chaste, fruitless love at a distance
is a wealth of deep feeling, of passionate friendship
that lights up life. I'm not going to try and pin this
phenomenon down any more than that,
because I can't. Bless you all.

My little essay that was here is now in the node London, but I still mean it.

Cool Man Eddie has graciously informed me that the nodes Designing a Fantasy World, The sexuality and marital status of Jesus, Contemporary Christian Music, London Underground, Australia, Islam, the Great Advent Antiphons, Reading the Holy Bible, Reformation, Straw Dogs, apostrophe, Do like you oughta, add acid to water, April 28, 2002, April 3, 2001, Kyrie Eleison, the Last Supper, Two nations divided by a common language, and Augustin-Louis Cauchy and the Rigorisation of Analysis have been editor cooled. Many thanks, O editors!

I noded my homework.

Mail me at - Go on, you know you want to.
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Noders rock.

The following noders (in no special order) have convinced me of this fact:

I solemnly covenant that at least 90% of my writeups shall be factual writeups.