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This marks my first change to my homenode, that I spent a great deal of time on - in 14 years. I'm leaving everything that was there as is below the line's part of E2's history and was frozen in time.


but I want to leave something here for anyone who might happen upon this over the years to come for whatever reason. 


Please consider making a donation to:


The Innocence Project


whatever you can - one time donation, montly, yearly. Anything. 

Helping get just one of the innocent men having spent 20 or 30 years behind bars for a crime they did not commit. Is such a such a worthy cause for them, their wives, children, grandchildren. 



The Innocence Project also work to change the corrupt criminal justice system that put innocent men behind bars. And help support those who finally do get out with their basic needs, so they don't end up one of the many who end up committing suicide when they do finally get free. 


Thank you for your time, and hopefully I've touched you on this and now or at some time in the future you will be able to help this incedibly important cause. 




Whitney 1/09/2019





My Homenode (thing)

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                                   Whitney, 1989

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I've seen many great WU's here but someday when I can do a C! this WU by Orange Julius will be my first, it's sooooooooooo ageless, timeless and priceless D o I

"When you start feeling sorry for yourself
for all the things that you don't have that you want -
Stop and think about all the things,
that you don't have that you don't want!"

                                   author unknown

"Featured Daylogs"

I am personally interested in "Daylogs" that probably could have been nodes, or deserve a look by those who may have missed them. I think a side effect of 'raising the bar' here may have been to drive some stuff that is really good, underground to daylogs. This doesn't mean I disagree with 'raising the bar' - I trust those 'in the know' here - and trust that the 'loss' of some real gems is well worth it in the long run.

I would however like to collect them and post them on my homenode - and will be doing so over time, but because I don't want to go with what I personally consider real gems - I'd like others to help me in this quest.

I would like you to share with me the daylog you've read, or written - that you really think deserves to continue to see the light of day. One you think perhaps should have been a node, not a daylog - or you think is remarkable in some way. I'd like to have a 'minimum rep' established to help filter out those that someone personally felt was good - and instead "many felt was good" so I'm going to start with an arbitrary rep # of say around 30+ to start and will adjust it depending on how it turns out, I didn't want to start to 'low', if my list includes 300 logs it'd probably defeat the purpose.

I only wish to include daylogs prior to today (Feb 1, 2003) this so nobody thinks I"m trying to encourage people to put gem's in daylogs.

I plan to post them here - don't know how much 'exposure' they will get here but it's clear to me people read my homenode (via "typo alerts" hehe)

Thanks in advance :)
You'll find the submissions so far below (at least the ones I've had time to post.) There is an interesting irony in how this is playing out that I will share later.

Featured Daylogs:

October 13, 2000 (idea) by Footprints
October 24, 2000 (idea) by dmd
December 20, 2000 (idea) by dg
March 9, 2001 (idea) by Agent000
July 10, 2001 (idea) by liveforever
August 22, 2001 (thing) by Electricsound
October 6, 2001 (idea) by Kit Lo
October 13, 2001 (thing) by abandon all hope
November 6, 2001 (thing) by Devon_Hart
January 27, 2002 (idea) by KillerPenguin
April 29, 2002 (thing) by schist
May 20, 2002 (idea) by Bluedragon
July 5, 2002 (thing) by izubachi
July 22, 2002 (thing) by Derfel
October 15, 2002 (idea) by borgo
October 15, 2002 (place) by sneff
November 5, 2002 (idea) by VT_hawkeye
November 22, 2002 (person) by C-Dawg
December 12, 2002 (thing) by IWhoSawTheFace
December 20, 2002 (idea) by TheDeadGuy
[December 30, 2002 (person) by Toalight
January 6, 2003 (idea) by LarvalStage
January 11, 2003 (idea) by ac_hyper
January 19, 2003 (place) by Orpheum

Note: You will need to make note of who the author is before hitting one of the above links so you can select their WU among the list you are given.
Things I'm currently working on for E2:
Odell Barnes' story
Reginald Denny
Bataan Death March
1969 (in detail)

"You can become as successful
As the most successful person ever
The only thing stopping you?
Your obstacles
Overcome them!"

                                   Whitney, 1994

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Sense and Sensibility     Siddhartha     Tarzan of the Apes     Temporary Autonomo
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer     The Annotated Alice
The Autobiography of George Fox     The Book of Lies
The Book of the Damned     The Brave Tin Soldier
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The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse     The Gallic Wars
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The Island of Dr. Moreau     The Jungle
The Kim Li Diaries     The Light Princess    The Little Match Girl
The Little Mermaid     The Metal Pig     The Mysterious Stranger
The Nightingale     The Outcasts of Poker Flat     The Picture of Dorian Gray
The Phantom of the Opera     The Prince
The Princess and the Pea     The Red Badge Of Courage
The Republic     The Scots Confession
The Scripture of the Golden Eternity
The Snow Queen     The Star-Child     The Swineherd     The Time Machine
The Tinderbox     The Travels of Sir John Mandeville
The Ugly Duckling     The Voyage Of The Beagle
The Wicked Prince     The Wild Swans     Through the Looking Glass
Vikram and the Vampire     War and Peace     Was It Heaven? Or Hell?
War in the Air     War of the worlds     Warlord of Mars
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