I began this project with moJoe soon after the Survivor2 deal. In fact, that type of collaborative fiction was what prompted moJoe to come to me with a statement along the lines of, "Hey, we should write something together." At first, I was skeptical. I mean, do you know anything about the person who is known as moJoe on here? The weird, licentious lifestyle... the illegitimate children... the drugs... the booze... the not-so latent homosexual tendencies... It was all enough for me to say, "I don't think so."

However, the more I thought about it, and the more I took a look at the ideas he showed me for a mystery noir novella, the more it appealed to me. Our first idea (no shit) was a parody of Jeopardy with all sorts of E2-specific funny stuff. We soon realized that this would be a cheap repeat of Survivor2, and so we decided to go with the detective novella.

At first, it was all fun and games. I wrote the first chapter, he wrote the second, and so on. We had no idea where it was going or what the hell we were doing. However, somewhere around Chapter 14, it all began to fall apart. It dawned on us that when you write something such as this, there must be an end in sight. And we could not figure out how to end it. Well, I take that back: I think moJoe had a much better idea how to end it than I did, but he became a less frequent user of E2 than me, and it was hard to stay in touch. I think this either has something to do with iDeath visiting Portland, OR, around that time, or it was some sort of conviction for sexual child assault (as several Northwestern noders suggested). I'll be generous and blame it on iDeath.

I floated the idea of helping me finish this project in front of several of my favorite writers here. I won't mention names in order to not hurt anyone's feelings, but my Canadian Mountie, Lord Brawl, came to my rescue and not only wrote Chapters 16 and 18, but also suggested ways to close the loop on the whole plot line.

As the usual disclaimer, there may be names and situations in here that seem to bear a resemblance to real people. My only hope and prayer is that none of them find out where I live.

I hope you enjoy The Kim Li Diaries.

Chapter One

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