SURVIVOR2: Introduction

In the spirit of our new wired age, Survivor2 has hand-picked its next group of contestants from the denizens of a web site where the people known to the rest of us as "geeks" hang out. The website (recommended to us by an intern whom we have sadly had to let go) has a similar name to Survivor2: Everything2. We here at CBS, even after several weeks of monitoring this site, have not figured out what the heck it is. The people who run it say it is a collaboratively filtered data base. Well, as the kids these days say, "Whatever."

It is clear, however, that the folks who hang out here are very serious about the place and do not seem to have a life outside of this Everything2, a place complete with its own cultural mores and hip lingo.

These contestants will have to learn to work together and overcome their differences, while simultaneously submitting to massive invasions of their privacy, material deprivation, and a system which may or may not favor popularity over survival skills. Can so-called geeks hold their own? Are there non-violent answers to these questions? The answers to this, plus high drama, are expected. So tune in.

Now, let's meet our newest sixteen contestants.* Our TV group picture shows the following:

On row one, from left to right:

Saige, knifegirl, icicle, jessicapierce, ideath, Deborah909, juliet.

Row two, from left to right:

moJoe, dem bones, dannye, Pseudo-Intellectual, DMan, theFez, nate, Uberfetus.

Row three, from left to right:

Jet Poop.

Our policy will be to probe the day-to-day lives of these noders, (a pet name they have given the members of their club), thrill to their conflicts and relations, and wonder with suspense at which one person will be voted off the island - each week. The final survivor will receive ONE MILLION DOLLARS**.

As a special service for the folks at Everything2, who were so nice to lend their support and their noders, we will give a summary of who was ejected each week, along with a quote from an anonymous survivor still left on the island. The quote will be the best pull quote we could find as to the reason that particular contestant was ejected.

Are you ready?

Let's play Survivor2!

* For those of you on Everything2 who were not chosen for this round, let us see how this goes and we'll get back to you for a follow-up. OK?

** Or, in lieu of the money, a place on the "Page of Cool." This is an Everything2 thing, apparently. Our viewing audience would not understand. Or care.

Week 1.

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