HTML Tidy is an invaluable little open-source program that cleans and automatically corrects HTML and XHTML documents. Originally written by Dave Raggett, it is now continually being worked on by the fine people over at SourceForge.

Tidy can:

  • Auto-correct missing or mis-matched end tags.
  • Place tags where they ought to be.
  • Add a missing "/" to an end tag.
  • Add quotes around attribute values.
  • Report non-standard elements.
  • Add the correct DOCTYPE.
  • Report broken tags.
  • Replace appropriate characters with their HTML entity names.
  • Offer accessability tips.
  • Replace HTML presentational tags with CSS.
  • Support, with limits, ASP, JSTE, PHP, and XML.
  • Indent text for a better overall source layout.
  • Probably run on your box, as there is a port of it on virtually every system.

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