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Early Days

With the shadow of the second World War looming, Europe, & Asia sat in ruins. The old European Empires were gone. The map was changed forever. What was left, were 2 Nations that would grow into Superpowers. Each with an extremely different ideaology. And if you believe it is over with the fall of the Soviet Union, you are sadly mistaken.

As this node grows, you will see the story unfold in pieces, here & there along the timeline to spice it up.

What will you see, you may ask? Things you never learned in school, or most likely read on your own.


United States of America


Harry S. Truman
Dwight D. Eisenhower
John F. Kennedy
Lyndon Johnson
Richard M. Nixon
Gerald Ford
Jimmy Carter
Ronald Reagan
George Bush

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics


Josef Stalin
Nikita Khrushchev
Leonid Brezhnev
Yuri Andropov
Konstantin Chernenko
Mikhail Gorbachev

Document's, Doctrine's, Speeches

the Stars of Project Paperclip
The Marshall Plan Speech
Kennan's Long Telegram
Truman Doctrine
North Atlantic Treaty
Robert McNamara's Mutual Deterrence Speech

John Foster Dulles on Massive Retaliation
Eisenhower Doctrine
Atoms for Peace
President Eisenhower's 'Military-Industrial Complex' Speech
CIA Analysis of North Korean Invasion
The Nixon-Khrushchev "Kitchen Debate"

CIA weekly summaries regarding the Soviet blockade of West Berlin
Kennedy's Address Regarding The Threat of Soviet Nuclear Capability in Cuba
President Kennedy's Inaugural Address

FOREIGN RELATIONS OF THE UNITED STATES - 1961-1963 - Volume V - Soviet Union

President Kennedy's Speech Regarding the Berlin Crisis
Oleg Penkovsky's Defection Letter

Nixon Doctrine
Nixon's "Great Silent Majority" Speech
Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty(SALT I) Between the USA and USSR
Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT II) Part I
Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT II) Part II
Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT II) Part III
Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT II) Part IV

CIA Manual: Psychological Operations in Guerrilla Warfare
President Reagan's Evil Empire Speech
President Reagan's Speech Regarding SDI/Star Wars
Transcript of the Malta Summit: U.S. and U.S.S.R.
Vaclav Havel's address to the US Congress, 21 February 1990
Gorbachev's 'Address to the Soviet Citizens'- * This one is written by xdjio. I don't think the Russians care if it is noded or not

Post Cold War, but still related to the two powers.

Report of the Ballistic Missile Threat to the United States July 15, 1998

The National Security Strategy of the United States While this does not relate to the Cold War directly, I do feel it is important. This document in my opinion is the NSC-68 of the new century. The old ways outlined in that document have now passed. Since the fall of the Soviet Union the United States has been somewhat without direction in how to deal with new threats unlike those of the past. Hopefully this new doctrine will channel the energies of the country in the same way NSC-68 did.

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