If I recall, this used to be the node for Cow of Doom's offsite specialized node tracking tool. Many moons ago it was incorporated into the Everything2 environment. With fast access to the databases, one can track a myriad of interesting details about their work here on E2 in a safe manner (mostly).

Because the databases are hit whenever someone does a node scan, especially if they happen to have a large number of nodes, if folks keep returning every time they see the "you've gained X experience points" message, the databases would come to a crawl.

The folks who hide behind the curtain and pull the levers and twist the dials ask that you only do this on a rare occasion. Pop in, read what went up or down, click the "update" button so your new starting point is your current state, then go off and add to the nodegel. If Everything2 ever becomes wildly popular again the folks may restrict access to keep the database purring.

If the admins and maintenance folks discover you're poking the databases multiple times an hour they may remove your access, scratch all of your teflon frying pans, and pour maple syrup in your gas tank. (That's where that "mostly" came from when we were talking about using the node tracker in a safe manner earlier.)

Anyway, if you've read this far, you can see the magic and the misery of your work at the Node Tracker.

Iron Noder 2017

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