You've been a Noder how long? A Completely Token E2versary Pretext for a London Britnoder Picnic

The Britnoders has been very quiet of late, in fact, I was shocked to discover that we didn't actually have a nodermeet for the whole of last year. This is obviously a scandalous state of affairs, and must be rectified immediately. Therefore, I'm using the flimsiest of pretexts as an excuse to arrange a nodermeet: my E2 ten-year anniversary. Those who don't like that should consider it a patriotic celebration of the Queen's 85th birthday: this will almost certainly be used as an excuse for a toast at some stage in the evening. It's not going to be a complicated meet: I'm going to pray for good weather and plan for a picnic.

The Plan

Date: 11th June 2011, from 2pm

Location: Hyde Park, London, The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

We go to the park: Probably Hyde Park. We meet at some sensibly determined location (to be decided). There will be Pimm's! There will be baked goods! Some of them may even have been made by people who can cook, and not people who handle genetically modified organisms for a living. I will try and bring some kind of sporting equipment for sporting activities, like I hear normal people (who have not spent 10 years on the internet), do. When it gets cold we'll probably move to a pub (this has also not been decided, as it depends which bit of the park we start in).

What happens if it rains?

Not entirely sure yet: we'll probably find a nearby pub, drink, and try to surreptitiously eat all the cake we've brought.

Sounds awesome, how do I take part?

Firstly, /msg BaronWR to tell me you're coming, that way you're less likely to get horribly lost in Hyde Park. Bring food, drink, games, and anything else that you think might be useful for a lazy afternoon in the company of a lot of geeks. I will have considerable admiration for anyone who shows up with a proper picnic hamper. If you are from out of town and will need crash space, give me a shout and I'll try and find some for you.

The Heroes of the Empire

Alright Chaps, but you wouldn't let them Chaperone your daughter

  • Grundoon, if she can find enough air miles

Cads, Bounders and general Bad Eggs

BaronWR-has-finally-got-his-act-together update

Right, here's a more definite plan: from 2, we'll be in Kensington Gardens, in the area North of the Albert Memorial. For those who aren't familiar with Hyde Park, we'll be around here. It's still a big area, though, so the best way to find us is probably to msg me to find out my mobile number.

The Met Office forecast for Saturday is currently unhelpfully vague, but in the event of wet weather, we will instead be meeting in the Churchill Arms, near Notting Hill (map here). I'll post on here if we're going to move to the pub.

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