To be held: a Brit-Noder ENTERTAINMENT
and PICK-NICK in the Grand Tradition, with
drink, victuals, and all the luminaries of Our Time,
and featuring possibly (at the mercy of circumstance)
given by user Clockmaker,
ad versus all challengers and in redress of all grievances,

The Moment: Saturday, May 11, 2013. Time of day TBA.

The Locus: Kensington Gardens and associated, if the weather is nice; otherwise we will repair to a pub, where we can shoot at each other across the table with miniature field guns. Or drink beer, which seems to be more popular in these parts, oddly enough. When the day comes, you will know.


THE ASTONISHING NODERMEET! is the hero's salmon leap. It is the obvious solution to the Gordian Knot. It is to seize Spring by the throat and shake him until booze comes out, because British policemen don't have guns and nobody can stop you.

No, but seriously.

Oh, all right, you boring mug: we'll have a picnic; bring food and drink, we will construct jollification in situ. Or if it's raining or (somehow, improbably) frozen, we'll go to a pub. Oh, and weather, British law, and general circumstance permitting, I'll bring my fencing gear. None of this sport-fencing garbage, you understand, but quite verisimilitudinous swords, albeit blunt. That you would then get to produce as close a simulacrum of stabbing me with as I am at all comfortable with.* It is quite possible that further amusements will appear here as they are devised, by yours truly and anyone else who has (preferably dangerous, illegal) Notions.

Verily, I am in like Flynn. Now what?

Message me. I am Clockmaker. Clockmaker is me, whom you shall message. You will be added to The List. Then gather your festive instruments, lay aside a half-case of the best, and wait for the signal. Nothing short of the destructive influences of a malign star can prevent this incredibly benevolent calamity! Book the day, or rue it.


  • JessicaJ has made poor decisions about her private jet
  • Borgo is grounded because of a technical misunderstanding
  • Wertperch is nailed to the floor
  • Evil Catullus has had his passport taken away
  • Montag is afraid to meet me on the field
  • Gnarl bet on the wrong horse
  • Albert Herring missed the train
  • Auduster is a firebug
  • Wntrmute is the wrong horse
  • This could also be you, if you live your life wrong

* Terms and conditions apply; the management is not responsible for any stabbings-back

(Somewhat belated) Update: For ease of gathering, user Clockmaker will be waiting with a silly expression and a book at the easy-to-find Italian Garden from 1 PM or so; once a quorum has assembled, we can pick a nice spot to nick. Due to an untimely mechanico-physical mishap, simulated stabbing has unfortunately had to be canceled; a replacement pseudo-violent nodermeet is already being vaguely planned for later in the year.

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