Chill Like an Penguin and Drink Like a Lush!!!!1!

A social noder gathering, toga party, and evidently book exchange!
If you vote on this please leave a comment. This is my first time attending or hosting such a gathering and would like to know if I am doing things right.

At this point in the node, I have been advised to append the words TITTIES!!! as well as SEXATHON.

August Wednesday 10th - Sunday 14th, 2005

Columbia, Missouri (Go Mizzou!)
Less generally, CrAzE and The Lush's house!

205 Mountain View Ct.
Columbia, MO 65202
United States

It's getting to be the end of summer and I'm turning 21 August 5th! Tits yeah! I was thinking with the upcoming school year quickly approaching, I might as well exercise my new power to buy booze (legally) before the school year starts and my need to throw a party gets me in trouble. Also, I'm too lazy to go to a nodermeet myself so I'm telling everyone to come here! DO IT! Oh yeah, to get in the door you either need booze, cash for drinks, mix cd, or be a noder in general. It's my 21st... I have to drink!

Well, it's The Lush's, Random Hero's, and my house, but I bet there's going to be a few others showing up! I mean some of you guys better!

Who's in: Who Might be if situation allows:
  • futilelord is looking to ride with someone from New Mexico or area to split gas costs
  • greth needs his parents to give the okay and a few bucks to spend down here
  • jasonm said something about coming but I think he was making lies at the time
  • Mitzi is going to hawaii first... and then will let me know
  • Sontra has to figure out how to get here
Who won't be here:
  • heppigirl said she'll wear a bed sheet while at home
  • tWD hates me, I am sure of this
  • doyle thinks missouri is too far.
  • panamaus compliments me on my nodermeet but I doubt he's coming... jackass
  • themanwho is short $1,500
  • DyRE would if he had fundage
  • Andrew Aguecheek likes europe more than me
  • Wertperch made me promise I would offer a toast in his absence
  • IWhoSawTheFace threatened to topple my armies
  • 256 will be sending a mix CD to remind us of his wish to attend
  • Apatrix cursed my name for holding a meet he could not attend
  • Everyone else, I guess
As the title suggests, this will be a social gathering of noders... and a toga party... and a book exchange... and chilli cook off... and tetris battle... and slumber party if we have space for you. Question? I lied about the cook-off.

We aren't supplying any food, but we are planning on exploring Columbia's downtown dining options one of the nights. Other that that, it's BYOB and what not. There are tons of options around here for food and there I am planning on doing multiple drink runs if anyone wants to tag along.

We have seating for potentially 18 - 20 in the house currently with another 8 - 10 in the garage. While we don't allow smoking IN the house, our garage is our lounge... It has a stereo and a TV as well as a fridge and microwave for public use, so this souldn't be much of a problem. We all love video games, board games, card games, movies etc in this house, so if you have anything you'd like to play with us, or if you would like to make an event of it, give us a call.

On the 10th, Reel Big Fish, American Hi-Fi, El Pus, Punchline, Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer will be playing at The Blue Note (our local rock venue). We are also interested in going to our local cinemacafe as a social event, but more on that later, as soon as they post their August schedule.

We have a public pool behind our house, and an amazing set of washers in our garage. If we have grass by then, me and Random Hero will be accepting challengers.

Tentative schedule:
Wednesday, August 10th
Try not to show up here before 10am today
Rock show at The Blue Note
Thursday, August 11th
Duck Hunt
Super Mario Bros.
Friday, August 12th
Lunch at Shakespeare's Pizza
Exploring downtown
Saturday, August 13th
Toga party! 10:00!
TheBooBooKitty is bringing a NeoGeo!
Sunday, August 14th
Book exchange
Things we have:
802.11B and G connection
Sony Playstation 2
Microsoft xBox
Sega Genesis
DVD and VHS Players
CD and Record Player
Settlers of Catan
Red lights for ambiance
Duct tape for bodily repair
Seating for 30
Water polo ball, football, basketball, frisbee
Punching bag
Sleeping space including a private room if needed ;)
2.5 Bathrooms
A kitchen if someone needs to cook
Washer and dryer if anyone needs it
The Lush has 3 guitars if anyone wants to stroke with him
Other stuff not worth mentioning

Things you may wish to bring: Video games!
Movies (or recommend one, we have netflix
Sleeping bag
Food and drinks
Money or money substitue
Changes of clothes and a toga
A book... or something unique to trade
Anything else is fine, call if it's questionable!

This is my first time hosting, attending, or looking at one of these meets... so I don't know what else to say here. I'm certain that there will be more information (and fancy formatting!) to come. Call me or /msg with questions, comments, etc.

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