Friday, March 1st, 6pm
LBM, get yer drinking trousers on

The Mission:
One of those frightfully rude people from the colonies is coming to our sceptered isle for a few days, no doubt to spread their repulsive ideas such as republicanism, displays of emotion and decent plumbing. She must be stopped.

The Method:
We must discredit this insurgent by getting her as drunk as possible, so that all of her ludicrous ideas seem to be the result of too many Apple Sidekicks. To do this, we must surround her in a pub, ply her with alcohol, and encourage her by getting furiously drunk ourselves. Some of you may die in this operation, almost certainly all of you will lose large chunks of your dignity. But think of the Queen as you down that 38th pint and vomit into your wallet!

The Meriken:
A lone rebel known to noders as Chiisuta. She writes beautiful emotional prose, which has gained the respect of many noders. But where was she in 1939, eh? Cowering in fear back in the USA while we were standing up to Hitler, that's where!

The Muddy Battlefield:
Still undecided. The London Booze Monkeys have yet to find a HQ that (a) is good, (b) doesn't try to make us buy food, (c) doesn't kick us out at 11, and (d) isn't in South London. We shall announce the location as soon as the MOD has given us one. Or when someone msgs me with a good idea.

Update : One of our more experienced officers has recommend a base for our operation. It is:
The Bricklayer's Arms
31 Gresse Street
It's off Rathbone Place, and the closest tube is Tottenham Court Road. It will kick us out at 11, but so will everywhere else. If anyone feels that there's some infintely better place we could go to, please /msg me now, rather than complaining on the night.

The Mercenaries:
The following troops shall be present:

The Matress Rations:
Some of our brave troops will require a quite corner to rest their weary heads. These travellers have a * next to their name. If you can fit them in your barracks, please msg them. If you wish to have a * placed after your name, let me know.

Remember : Your Country Needs YOU!

/msg bol NOW! and sign up for this essential operation. All welcome! No experience neccesary! Beer provided*!

* money may be required.

Advance Troops!:
We have received intelligence that the agent will be roaming the streets of London freely before 6pm. If anyone is around Central London at this time and wishes to keep tabs on her, /msg her immediately and arrange to meet. Remember - you're pretending to be "friendly"

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