Note: Yes, this was for real. The first writeup concerning it is 23 Days in Bhutan. Part two is Old Growth Forests, 13th Century Temples, and Rites of Spring. The third part is The Trek to Jomalhari. Part four is How Can One Ever Go Home? Bangkok, Tokyo, Chicago, then Cleveland.

In the grand tradition of E2 gatherings in strange places,
and inspired by Madagascar,the noder gathering that wasn't,

I present you:

No Noders in Bhutan?
Import some!
An E2 Gathering and frequent flier mile grab

Want to see the splendor of the Himalayas, but afraid of the war in Afghanistan, and don't want to go to Pakistan because of proximity?

You've considered Tibet, but you don't want to support the Chinese occcupation?

Worried about visiting northern India, due to the present poitical situation between India and Pakistan?

And, as much as you would like to visit Nepal, you would rather go to a country where so much of the natural beauty has not been destroyed?

Yes! This is for real! An honest to goodness Everything2 gathering in Bhutan!

Where: Somewhere in Bhutan, exact location to be determined later.

When: Late April, 2002, exact date to be determined at convenience of noders planning to attend.

Who will be attending? There do not seem to be any noders in Bhutan. Nor are there any listed in Nepal, or even India. So the noders who do attend will likely have to travel a bit to get here.

Definitely attending:

Maybe attending:

Unable to attend, though I still love them anyway and will tease them with postcards:

How to get there: The only airline with flights into Bhutan is Druk Air, the national airline of Bhutan. Flights are available from Bangkok, Thailand, Kolkota, India, Dhaka, Bangladesh, New Delhi, India, and Katmandu, Nepal. For information, as well as rates, see

Getting there, once you are in Bhutan: The number of tourists allowed in Bhutan each year is generally limited to a rather small number, around 8,000. Thus, it is important to plan ahead if you wish to attend this gathering. Also, all individuals travelling in Bhutan must be part of a tour, run by a registered tour operator. For more information on specific tours, see

This is going to be the best noder gathering ever. I am confident of this. Bhutan is beautiful, and you don't have to worry about getting speeding tickets while driving there because you won't be driving! So drop me a /msg to be added to the list. And if you cannot attend, but would like to recieve a postcard from Bhutan, send me a postcard or other random mail before the beginning of April - my address is on EMAR.

Also, in a few months, an aftemath node will be included here, detailing the aforementioned events in full.

Just in case you were wondering where Bhutan was...

\                                      _-_
 \___                               __/   \
   / *--__    TIBET (CHINA)       _/
  /_      *---__         _---__--*
     *--__ NEPAL*--___--/BHUTAN\
          *---__     /  \______/
  INDIA              _*-_
                     \   \____---_
                      |BANGLADESH |
                      \          _/
                       |        /
                       |      _ \ 
                        \-_-_| *\\/\
                  ___---*        \  |
                 /                \  \
                /                  \_/

Yes, this is for real. Lest you had the impression that this was a joke, I will be posting an itinerary and general schedule below. In addition I will be posting some sort of log when this whole thing is over.

I didn’t realize quite how many frequent flyer miles it would be – 18,954, from Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Almost enough to actually do something. Like go to another noder meet. He he.

The schedule for this whole crazy thing. Or, where I am going to be, such that I am not on e2.

April 11 Leave Cleveland, arrive Chicago. Leave Chicago.
April 12 Arrive Tokyo. Leave Tokyo, arrive Bangkok.
April 13 Tour Bangkok.
April 14 Leave Bangkok, arrive Paro, Bhutan.
April 15 Tour Paro.
April 16 Trek – Paro to Shana. Hike to Chhimi Ihakhang and Punakha Dzong.
April 17 Trek – Shana to Soi Thang Thanka.
April 18 Trek – Soi Thang Thanka to Jango Thang.
April 19 Trek - Jango Thang. Observe rural life and participate in day to day family chores.
April 20 Trek - Jango Thang. Visit Shabjethang Lhakhang, meet with village elders.
April 21 Trek - Jango Thang to Tsophu. Participate in traditional farming methods.
April 22 Trek – Tsophu to Chorapang.
April 23 Trek – Chorapang to Thongbue.
April 24 Trek- Thongbue to Shana.
April 25 Tour – Shana to Thimphu.
April 26 Tour – Thimphu to Punakha. Ura festival. Meet Genden Lama.
April 27 Tour – Punakha to Bumthang. Visit Tongsa Dzong.
April 28 Trek – Bumthang to Ura.
April 29 Trek – Ura. Visit Gangtey Goemba and interact with monks.
April 30 Trek – Ura to Ngalakhang.
May 1 Trek – Ngalakhang.
May 2 Tour – Ngalakhang to Bumthang.
May 3 Tour – Bumthang to Gangtey. Visit museum, hike to Dzongdrakha.
May 4 Tour – Gangtey.
May 5 Tour – Gangtey to Thimphu.
May 6 Tour – Thimphu.
May 7 Depart Thimphu, arrive Paro. Depart Paro, arrive Bangkok.
May 8 Depart Bangkok, arrive Tokyo. Depart Tokyo, arrive Chicago. Depart Chicago, arrive Cleveland.

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