I been to my share of noder parties. I went to this one and that one and that one way up there and that other one down there and that other other one even wayer up there but ya know what I DIDN'T do at ANY of those? Huh? PEOPLE?

I did not shake it. I did not get loose. I did not work it. I did not get down.

in my secret lab
and the formula is

When I say DANCE, you best DANCE


We have about 750 CDs from ABBA to Zappa with which to rock your hard tasty abs washerboard style, plus a basement full of musical instrumentation. Be there or be rhomboid. And pray you survive.

THE TIME: Saturday, June 8, 2002, 8:00 pm EST. Yes, that's soon.

THE PLACE: The Jam Factory aka Rancho Peligroso aka One House to Rule Them All

1819 25th Road, First Floor
Astoria, Queens, New York 11102

By subway: N Train to Astoria Blvd (next to last stop). Get off the platform using the staircase on the southwest corner of the intersection, which is by a huge Dunkin Donuts. Walk down Hoyt Ave South, keeping the Triborough Bridge parallel to you on your right, for about ten blocks. You will pass a giant red crane. Keep going. Cross 21st St, hang a left for half a block, and 25th Rd is right there. Turn right. We're down at the end, on the right, with big ass columns on the porch and a rosebush in front of the windows.


The trains are being mad weird on the weekend yo. To get here you will have to switch to the 7 Train at Times Square, then get back on the N at Queensboro Plaza. Careful, trains may be on the "wrong" platform. Check signs and ask conductors and workers in booths.

By car: Take either the Grand Central Parkway or the Brooklyn Queens Expressway toward Manhattan. These two roads will converge. Take exit 3, then get on Hoyt Avenue North, keeping the Triborough Bridge parallel to you on your left. Go about ten blocks, take a left at 21st, going under the bridge, then a right on 25th Road. Although you probably will not be able to park on our street and will have to circle. HA HA.

By parachute: What you want to aim for is the two blinking red lights on the easternmost tower of the Triborough Bridge. Then just before you hit the southern one, veer a little further south and you will be directly above the soft grass of Astoria Park. Be sure to be wearing neon yellow, that way we can pick you off from across the street.

There will of course be copious amounts of booze. As if we thought we could lure noders without that. Since we just moved in, however, our bar is less than compleatly stocked. Suggestions are very welcome.

Party goes until you pass out. We have much floor space for crashing. Suggest you bring sleeping bags, though, our hardwood floor is um hard, and the industrial carpet in the basement ain't much softer.

Suckas gettin freaky:


You damn kids get off my lawn! But, um, gimme an aftermath writeup first!


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