ROCK MUSIC: If it's too loud, turn it down.
-=w=eezer merchandise

Nuts to that. Around here, we turn it to 11.

Marvel and tremble at the formation of

the all-E2 band.
"Blow, dannye!"

The mission: to harness the musical resources of E2 and to create the world's largest touring rock band.

It's quite simple. You are a noder, you play an instrument; you are a member. The definition of "instrument" is left up to you. Do you enjoy the screamy pseudo-musical sounds made by your shower when the water is heating up? Perhaps you're a closeted plumbing virtuoso.

This is not a joke. It won't be easy. We will rule the world.

A band this mammoth will, of course, need to have sections. We are truly a rock orchestra, but we sure as fuck aren't the Electric Light Orchestra. Or Mannheim Steamroller.

Thus far, we have 105 members. This is pathetic. /msg yours truly to be assimilated into the greatness.

Sections are flexible. If you play several instruments and would like to be assigned to more than one section, just let me know. I'm sure you can see the holes. Let's fill 'em. Anyone who claims they can sing will be in Vox, along with whatever else. Currently, the standings are:

Wall of Guitar
Chris-O, QXZ, emoin, insanefuzzie, donfreenut, destrius' (acoustic), LaylaLeigh, volfied, Freddo, r4v5, Spackle, weasello, dr worm, ccunning, Lord NAgasaki, herbman, dann, drownzsurf, grundoon, 409, fogboy0, Voodoo Chile, sideways, Narya, ac-hyper (100th member!), Johnny_Boy

Mountain of Bass
GangstaFeelsGood, beigs, crux, irexe, Chris-O, Cow Of Doom, czeano, vilk, Ground Control, illsorted (upright)

Keyboard Krush Groove
Walter (on the Hammond organ, model M-3), rdude (piano), SharQ (piano, "mean") TheChronicler (on something called "keyboards") VT_hawkeye (on the same, but different), jaubertmoniker (keyboards), Spacklequeen (accordion), LitBolt (piano w. badassness), Shro0m (blues piano), Wuukiee (piano, keyboard), fogboy0 (piano), renderer (piano), Two Sheds (piano), Voodoo Chile (piano)

The Über Alles "Horns"
Alias Mother Jonez (alto sax), Glitch (French horn), AwkwardSaw (trombone), Spackle (moonshine jug), Darius75 (trombone), Chiisuta (euphonium), DrSeudo (trumpet), Hypnagogic (trumpet), Powers (clarinet/contrabass clarinet), xdijo (tuba), sbeitzel (didgeridoo/flute/recorder/5 gallon carboy), yru (didgeridoo/harmonica), Chihuahua Grub (baritone sax... and the official 50th member!), rdude (alto sax), SharQ (blues harp), Devon_Hart (brass as necessary), Oslo (english horn and oboe), Wuukiee (recorder), BrooksMarlin (trumpet), Iconoplast (flute, piccolo, alto flute), hodgepodge (french horn, or trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn, and mellophone in a pinch), Conquest (saxophone), jujuben23 (trombone), Master Villain (kazoo), Voodoo Chile (saxophone), futilelord (bagpipes, etc.)

drummergrrl (duh), drownzsurf (drums), Dwardu (drums), Elmwood Jones (drums + soup pot), Teiresias (drums), starrynight (drums), AnBolb (drums), Frankie (african drums) N-Wing (English handbells), jethro_bodine (smatterings of marimba and vibrophone), Arthyr (triangle / rhythm leaky faucet), VT_hawkeye (vocal percussion), Jurph (vocal percussion), asofel (general percussion), Metacognizant (banging on furniture), Eco (found object percussion), zophos (paper and aluminum foil crinkling), sauth (salt shaker avec dice), 409 (drums, triangle), CloudStrife (tambourine), Two Sheds (drums, bodhran), Master Villain (pot lids)

Cat's Cradle Miscellaneous Stringaiety
emoin (violin, viola) Spacklequeen (banjo), Ereneta (jew's harp/ukulele). Starrynight (jew's harp), Byzantine (violin), dann (mandolin), grundoon (anything with strings), vilk (cello), arcanamundi (applachian dulcimer), pitcher (violin), McCart42 (violin)

Electronic Interference
CamTarn ("Tracker" sequencer), irexe (programming), mkb (scratches/beats/funkyelectricnoises), CzarKhan (all-around sampletastic mofo), =nerochiaro= (theremin), loquacious (a list of talents too lengthy to mention)

QXZ, Chiisuta, DrSeudo, VT_hawkeye, LaylaLeigh, Hypnagogic, Oolong, Eco, donfreenut, xdjio (in the manner of Peter Murphy), volfied, Freddo (avec bad Bob Dylan impersonation), jaubertmoniker, Orange Julius, GangstaFeelsGood, Spackle, dr worm (if it's in G), Devon_Hart, NothingLasts4ever, darl, boi_toi, dann (resident barbershop expert), CzarKhan, Wuukiee, Conquest, fogboy0, CloudStrife, Ground Control, jujuben23, GoldenDuck, ^Davion^ (rusty-throated Metal scream), Kit

Yes, yes, that's it. Let the groupie groping commence.
Speaking of that, as per request of Xamot and Bitca (you should hear the naughty plans she has), I give you:

Agents of Debauchery
Bitca, Xamot, ModernAngel

Now that we have a method of communication, Nanobot Deathmatch is freed to operate on a cellular basis if need be. Organize your local rockbots; WE ARE ALL NANOBOT DEATHMATCH. Imagine... many small bands all playing under the same name which can, at any time, unite like Voltron and inflict the ROCK on the world at large. This, my friends, is open source rock and roll.

You may have questions, such as:

  • How will we practice?
  • How will we write songs?
  • Where the hell can we possibly perform?
  • Are you fucking crazy?

My friends, together we can work it out.

Holy shit! Let's ROCK!

'Twas the rock and roll creation,
'Twas a terrible big bang,
'Twas the ultimate mutation,
Yin was searching for his Yang
And he looked and and he saw that it was good.

WARNING: Joining Nanobot Deathmatch will place you in the rockbots usergroup, unless you specifically ask me not to add you. There is the potential for a high volume of /msgs.

MEMBERS: Please check in with the Nanobot Deathmatch War Room frequently. It is the official repository of important and updated information.

This writeup has been |-|@X0r3D by the Agents of Debauchery

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