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The 2000 release from Piebald. This is just a five song CD only ep released a few months after If It Wasn't For Venetian Blinds It Would Be Curtains For Us All and was probably put together to use up a few extra songs.

The theme of the insert is silly as usual. All the photos are of the band members dressed up in costumes. We get the singer dressed up in ruffles and a powdered wig. The guitar player is dressed up as some bizarre hybrid between a railroad hobo and an insane street person complete with ripped rubber gloves and plastic monster teeth. The drummer is a caveman with faux leopard rags and a plastic club. The best of the four is the bass player who is dressed up as a guitar geek hesher. The Rush poster in the background and the inset photo of him scrawling "Led Zep" into a notebook complete the effect.

The Songs

  1. American Heart
  2. They Don't Understand Us At the Academy
  3. David Lee Rock
  4. Where Have All the Classics Gone
  5. The Rock Revolution

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