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Hello, yes, hello. I find myself in Columbus, Ohio, for an indeterminate amount of time and it comes to me that there are at least two people listed here in the now-defunct Registry, and many more within the region.

I'd like to gage interest and availability for a nodermeet to take place here in Columbus. This weekend (Friday, April 1st thru Sunday, April 3rd) is probably too short notice for most folks, but correct me if I'm wrong.

So, as the current interested party, why don't I float Saturday, April 9th as the proposed date?

Let me know if you that sounds good to you. If it doesn't, how can I make it so? For any prospective out-of-towners or those without a designated driver looking to stay the night for a drive back in the morning, I have a decent futon and plenty of floor, and also parking galore. Depending on if there are any other native Columbians (ho ho yes do you see what I did there) participating, there may be more digs available as well.

OK, they are taking the microphone away, I have to cut this short. Here is the proposal in bullet format for the reading comprehension impaired (subtitles for the hearing impaired removed due to redundancy):

  • Who: Noders
  • What: Meet
  • When: Saturday, April 9th, 730 PM
  • Where: Starliner Diner (See below!)
  • Why: Not?
  • How: Up to you, really, but in person is preferred.

Oh yes of course, the planned activities:

Meet at 730pm at the Starliner Diner; 5240 Cemetery Road, Hilliard, Ohio 43026

I'll shoot my phone number out to folks a day or two in advance; alternatively, GPS your way to the Starliner and take you chances by sitting down with a random group of people who don't look related.

This is for dinner, and from there we can vote on bowling/pubcrawl/art gallery/etc. and with several natives in attendance, there will doubtless be more suggestions than we can comfortably condense into a simple vote.

The headcount (afternoon of Fri the 1st):
6 Yes, 3 "Maybe", and hundreds of thousands unable due to geography/schedule/etc

The "maybes" are mostly waiting to see if there will be enough noders to justify the trip up. I am almost certain that at least two of the "maybes" are "yes".

I won't post handles of projected attendees, just a headcount as the /msg's roll in. I will also keep the totals updated in accordance with the waffle factor. If you can offer sleeping arrangements, let me know that as well!

Open crash spots:
Myself, with 1 decent futon, and floor for 4-5 more.
Borgo has sleeping arrangements available for a single or couple without cat allergies.

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