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It seem that, for the last three or four years, the Lower Midwest has been where the nodermeeting action is. It's a small surprise then that we're at it again. Last year was probably where TGtN was at its best. We can only modestly hope to equal its success this year. CotC, having put paid to Halloween and Labour Day, has now targeted the Fourth of July on its unstoppable march towards the destruction of every holiday on the calendar. We're more staid, if not civilised, so this year we'll be presenting:

There goes the neighborhood! 4: I'll trade my thunderstick for your beaver (digitally remastered in Dolby surround 8.6)


The weekend of this year's Hunter's Moon. According to the suspect calculations of the local historical society, that's from Friday, September 26th until Sunday, September 28th, 2008. Don't ask. Just be there.


The frontier dwelling of gwenllian, Apatrix, and their brood on the banks of the Wabash, a few miles north of Fort Ouiatenon in the Indiana Territory.


Because we secretly hate you. We would like to invite you to our secret lair so that our babes may feast on your flesh. Oh yeah, and we collect tokens of appreciation from our guests. Silly question. Because we can!

First-timers are welcome. We often hear from people after the event who were reluctant to show up at a nodermeet because they don't know anyone, don't think they'll be welcome, think they're too weird, are new to the site, or whatever. Here's the deal: you probably need to have a section of the DSM-IV named after you before you can make yourself unwelcome at a nodermeet.

Unless it rains buckets, in which case we'll find ways to amuse ourselves, the centrepiece of this gathering will be the biggest event on the local cultural calendar: The Feast of the Hunters' Moon. This is a massive historical reenactment of an 18th century French and Indian fur trading post pretty much in the same place where it used to be held 250 years ago. If you're the sort of freaky history buffs who want to break out your tents, garb, and iron skillets, and be part of it for the weekend, talk to the Tippecanoe County Historical Association at http://www.tcha.mus.in.us/.

How to get there
By road: West Lafayette is in north-western Indiana, about a third of the way from Indianapolis to Chicago (or two thirds of the way if you're heading from Chicago to Indy) on I-65 (exit 175). Also, both US 52 and US 231 run through West Lafayette.
By rail: Lafayette is served by the Cardinal (51) from New York to Chicago via Huntington, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, etc. Check Amtrak for fares and schedules.
By water: Punt your canoe up the Wabash river as far as Fort Ouiatenon.
By bus: Greyhound to Lafayette. No holiday blackouts this year. Pickup can be arranged any time of the night or day.
Underground, by tunneling from China: Nobody ever tunnels from China. Not even if they take a wrong turn at Albuquerque.
By air: If you're flying yourself, Purdue International Airport (LAF). The less aviatorial public can arrive at Indianapolis International Airport (IND). We're willing to make an airport run or two but, because of the distance, anyone needing pickup on short notice may have to wait a while. Should any international travellers decide to honour us with their presence, we'll even try to make arrangements for O'Hare (ORD).

Approximate distance from select major cities:

Indianapolis   60 miles
Chicago       125 miles
Columbus      240 miles
St Louis      280 miles
Orlando      1042 miles
London       3998 miles
KĂžbenhavn    6936 km

Travel Assistance
If you really want to come and have serious trouble raising the funds to do so, let us know and we'll see what we can do. We're serious about it. We'll also do our best to coordinate rideshares for those who don't want to sign over their firstborn to a gas station attendant. We might even be able to come up with a standby plane ticket or two to Indy.

Where to stay
We have substantial amounts of floor space. We are also in possession of actual couches with 4 (yes, 4) built-in recliners. We also have a futon or two and miscellaneous inflatable sleepables. Plenty of safe street parking is available for our four-wheeled friends. Camping in the yard may be an option but late September weather in Indiana can range from a heatwave to sodding wet and near freezing.

The nearest hotel (1.7 miles):
Prestige Inn
1217 Sagamore Parkway West

Other stuff you might want to know:
This qualifies as a kid-friendly event. If a bit of questionable language (that would mostly be me) and generally mild boozing doesn't bother you, bring the family.
This is a non-smoking household. This means that I, too, step outside if I must indulge in my filthy habit. Smoking is permitted on the comfy back patio.
We will have impressionable teenagers around. Should you have to bring along illicit substances, please leave them in your vehicle and use them where you can't be seen from the property.
Contributions to defray our expenses are welcome but are not required.
We love to feed people so there will be some nasty carnivore cookery going on. Vegetarians, please announce your presence in advance so we can add you to the menu.
We offer wireless broadband for those whose blood has been replaced with a datastream.

It's early days yet so no formal schedule is set. Big hits in the past were:

Tentative schedule, very much subject to change:

Friday afternoon and evening:
Noders arrive, hand over their beads, and are made to smoke the peace pipe. We once again discover that we're hosting a secret outies convention.

Saturday morning until afternoon:
More noders arrive. Take part in the Feast of the Hunter's Moon. Lunch on rabbit stew, buffalo burgers, and elk sausage. Stop by a real Wea village, hear some Indian storytellers. Watch the Highland Games and more fife and drum corps than you can shake a baton at. Gawk at the blacksmiths and browse dozens of stalls with pretty authentic period merchandise.

Saturday evening:
Do what we always do and play by ear: hang, laugh, cry, and just have a good time. Whoever brought the copy of Transamerica last year, take note: we will have a working DVD player.

Sunday lunchish:
The almost traditional brunch at the Route 66 Diner. Route 66 is an offshoot of the famous Triple XXX, as seen on the Food Network. Buy some of their equally famous rootbeer for the road.

Sunday evening:
Tearful departures and assurances of undying friendship and upvotes. Everyone gets their wallet back. Anyone who is better off delaying their departure until Monday morning is welcome to do so.


People who will be friends and allies when the British come

People who are promising beaver but may have only possum

People whose scalps will decorate our wigwam

  • Regular attendee eien_meru. Being in China will not save you
  • Regular absentee karma debt
  • The Debutante suggests that the British are not coming
  • vandewal muttered something about a squaw but needs to grow some hair before his scalp is worth taking
  • RoguePoet thinks being on the west coast is an excuse
  • izubachi (in his own words) SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE BUT IS A FUCK-UP AND CAN'T MAKE IT DUE TO totally illegitimate reasons like being in Macedonia.

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