UPDATE: I have just purchased a block of tickets for this game, at the fabulously low price of $6 each. HOWEVER, I have 30 tickets and only 17 definites. Something told me I was going to have some sort of problem no matter how many I got. Go fuckin' figure.
Chris-O says How can you not come to a gathering with blood in the title?
Those of you who came to/saw pictures from the last trip know pretty much all there is to do in Atlantic City in the middle of winter -- drink, gamble, and debauch under the piers.

Well, we found something else to do down there:


really lousy hockey.

Here's the lowdown:

Date: Saturday, February 15 "Jim Henkel Night"**
also appearing: the Stanley Cup
Time: 7:05 pm
Who's playing: Reading Royals at Atlantic City Boardwalk Bullies
Ticket Price: $6

** Jim Henkel is somewhat of a local celebrity; he led his high school team to three state championships. We've never heard of him either.

Okay, so what do you plan on doing before 7:00?

That's a good question. Here's the thing -- about 3/4 of a mile up from the stadium, there's this place called Irish Pub. $3 for draught beers, $4 for mixed drinks... this place was ridiculously cheap. The food was also pretty good.

It will be too early in the year for Steel Pier or anything like that, but there is a beach, and there are tacky souvenir shops, and there are other arcade-type places that will be open.

There's also the casinos, of course. I mean, this is Atlantic City, after all. They do have the added advantage of being indoors, but have the disadvantage of requiring money to gamble with. Most of the table games I've found were a minimum of $10, but I'm working on finding cheaper ones.


Please keep in mind that we will NOT be reserving rooms for the weekend in Atlantic City. The game will probably be done by 9 pm or so, and room rates are still retardedly expensive (the lowest I found on a really quick search was $119 a night, double occupancy), so we'll forgo that luxury in favor of driving the hour and fifteen minutes home. People are more than welcome to stay with us -- we have accomodations for a decent number of people (in the vicinity of 6 or so), and if you really want the hotel room, there's rooms for $60 a night down the road from us that you can pile people into.

The Tentative Plan

Friday, 7 pm: house opens
Saturday, 11 am: those who are at our house watch THE MOST BIZARRE CABLE ACCESS SHOW YOU'LL EVER SEE, "Dick Craig's Not Just Rock and Roll"
around 12:00 pm: leave from Chris-O and LadySun's
around 2:00 pm: meet in Caesar's at the giant statue of Augustus Caesar. There's an oxygen bar across from it. It's fucked up.
2-3 pm: idle gambling, prepping for walk, etc.
3 pm: trek to Irish Pub; pause for tacky souvenirs, arcades, etc
4 pm - 6 pm: drink/eat/debauch our asses off
6 pm: meander back to Boardwalk Hall
6.45 pm: short pause at Trump Plaza to kick Carrot Top's ASS
7 pm: puck drops
9 pm: meander back to Caesars
10.30 - 11.30 pm: home
Sunday: whatever. the train bridge is still there, but the last time we were out there, it was kind of icky since they pulled up the tracks leading to it.
note from chris-o: the tracks are gone but the bridge is still there. there's very poor drainage in the area, so if it rained within the past two or three days, it'll be really muddy and nasty to get to. if the area is dry, tho, there are some other places along the old train route i'd like to check out, including a steel train bridge further north.

Your Hosts: LadySun and Chris-O
Your Hosts' Location: Matawan, NJ
Your Hosts' Phone Numbers (in case of emergency): **BEEEEEEEP**
What You'll Need to Bring: a way here (we'll be making sure everyone has a way to get there from here, unless you're meeting us there); at least $20 or so for food, drinkin', and your ticket; a few extra dollars for tacky souvenirs, mild gambling, or more drinkin'; some quarters and dimes (about 12 and 8, respectively) for tolls on the Parkway, and $2 for parking; something to sleep on if you have it. We're completely equipped for 5 (air mattress that sleeps two; sleeping bag, couch and spare bed that each sleep one), but they'll go quickly.

Those attending (I'm holding you to your words!):

These people can't commit yet, but should be committed -- I mean, we'll pester them till they come:
  • Aresds has to make sure his schedule's clear. IT BETTER BE.
  • Kit Lo wants to know what there is to do in Atlantic City. There's stuff, I swear!
  • QXZ and
  • Walter may be protesting that day as well. We're still hoping, though.
  • hookskies representin' da Bronx**, if she can find a way here *hope*
  • Mako is figuring out how to get here
Those whose presence will be felt by the cellular force Those who can't make it, but wish they could:

INTERESTED? Use that blab! box and let me know!

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