of 2001, that is.

If you do, I invite you to my meet! It is a tabnet meet, but we are very friendly and don't bite except if you wear a hat (or was it if you don't wear a hat?), and please come.

We will meet underneath Robson Square in downtown Vancouver at noon on December 15, 2001. Robson square is more or less at the intersection of Robson and Howe streets, and when I say underneath, I mean go down the stairs to where the ice rink is. You can look for me, a short girl with a buzzcut and brown hair, or better yet, look for pseudo_intellectual, who is more noticeable, or even better yet, look for a scruffy group of 20somethings hanging about. If you are in doubt as to if we are the right group of scruffy looking 20somethings, say "B0nk" in a loud voice and we will yell "bonk!" back at you. It's just what we do.

There will be a big fat scavenger hunt! lots of fun! and prizes!

There will be bowling!

There will be a party at my house later on with eggnog and snacks and guitars and things!

You know you want to!

If you need further directions or information about this meet, please /msg me. If you need general life direction, please /msg EDB, who I understand is quite a sensitive counsellor.

who (from everything) showed up?

and the ghostly time-travelling hand of moongirl
of course!

thank you everyone for coming! that was awesome!

ps: radlab0 really is rad.

Here is the list from the scavenger hunt:


scavenger hunt!

-don't break any laws, we won't bail you out.
-you can't spend more than $10 per team, not counting bus fare.
-you have 3 hours. be back here at: 3:45pm
-there will be a 15-point bonus round of "chapters weird-off" when the teams return.

points item
1 a Science World brochure
1 an acorn
1 armed forces recruitment brochure
1 arcade token
1 matchbook/box from outside BC
1 a napkin from the casa gelato
1 shower cap
1 coin with hole in it. two bonus points if coin was not minted with a hole in it.
1 mylar balloon
1 a spork (not "some spork")
1 A copy of "The Watchtower"
1 a beanie baby
1 recipe for rootbeer, blue cheese, or moose jerky. (must be specifically moose.)
1 an ace of spades
1 a whistle (not penny)
1 scallop shell
1 1 cent stamp
1 a tongue depressor or plastic syringe
1 something from 1985 (born in, manufactured in, or unique to. no team members.)
1 3.5" floppy with orange case. paint acceptable only if floppy still works.
bonus 2 points for paisley case.
1 nardwuar's real name
1 plastic lobster
1 each a pirate pak boat, a burger king crown, and/or a happy meal box.
1d4 a d4 (amazingly, neither team got this.)
1-4 (judged on difficulty to obtain) part of a uniform for a service industry job (paper hat, name tag, etc. "Dod" from chevron does not count.)
2, 1 $1 or $2 bill (Canadian, please)
2 something to donate to the food bank
2 as much ID as possible for a single team member. (points to team with most)
2 a religious icon
2 each expired credit card, driver's license or passport
2 "dagwood" comic not containing word "the"
2 a nightlight
2 10 AOL free trial cds, bonus point for AOL, Prodigy or Compuserve free trial floppy disk
2 a bowling trophy or award
2 location of payphone with lowest phone number within 3 blocks of robson square
(team with lowest gets points)
2 airline baggage tag with city code other than YVR
2 piece of produce weighing more than 5kg
2 3 different colours of condoms. bonus point if also all different textures.
2 transfer or copy of the buzzer with BC Transit (not translink) logo on it
2 provably overdue library book (eg with printout from today of your library account)
2 a paper placemat from The Old Spaghetti Factory
3 Old Spaghetti from The Old Spaghetti Factory
3 yearbook with picture of someone with the same name as a team member but who isn't the team member
3 vacuum tube
3 a penny from each of the last 20 years
3 a limerick insulting the other team's scavenging prowess. (points for best)
3 1995 SFU calendar
3 a performance of your team's theme song. all members must participate. bonus point to team with best one. -1 point for no theme song.
3 photo of team with santa
3 stethoscope (must be functional, homemade okay)
3 elementary school report card
3 three of: a rainstick, dipstick, drumstick, stirstick, pick-up stick, broomstick, boomstick, gluestick, or lipstick.
3 the photo in this season's Lee Valley catalogue with the caption "pirate not included"
4 a hunting or fishing license
4 canadian tire money (team with the most gets points)
5 photo of the most people you can fit in to a photo booth (points to team w/ most)
5 a snowball
5 shoes in a size that doesn't fit any team member.
7 each signature (dated today) of any of the following: nardwuar, larry cocomile, bob eden, rorschach, jimmy pattison, The Captain, Brian Salmi, Jack the Bear, The Judge, the mayor, svend robinson. Points considered for other odd local celebrities.
7 CHATBOARDER!!!! cannot be team member.
3 astronaut ice cream for moongirl

Team Plus Tax won handily with 119 points versus Team Super Duper's measley 61.

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