A type of contest where competitors are asked to collect various items on a list; the player or team with the most items within a given time limit wins. Generally, the items are such that they are possible to find but not easy. The movie "Scavenger Hunt" is a good, if a bit exaggerated, example.

In the movie, a rich man dies, and in his will, he leaves everything to the winner(s) of a scavenger hunt for all sorts of crazy items, with the stipulation that the items for the hunt can be acquired in any means except buying them. It features such goofball plots as one team trying to steal a suit of armor from a museum by having one of their members wear it, but he stops and stands still when somebody else comes, to avoid detection; "somebody else" turns out to be one of the other teams, which tries to steal the suit of armor, complete with the man inside it.

Scavenger hunts are sometimes called treasure hunts, though that also refers to a different type of contest which is described on that node.

The Everything Treasure Hunt appears to have been an attempt to run a scavenger hunt on Everything, but judging from the lack of responses, it was unsuccessful.

The highlight of the University of Chicago year. Every spring quarter. the scavenger hunt society publishes a list of some 400 items, made public on a Wednesday and to be collected and judged by Sunday morning, during which time caffeine consumption increases exponentially, and nobody who is anybody sleeps.

For three years now I have participated, and for three years I have been arrested for acts of theft and vandalism around the greater Chicago area. Past items of note have included a flamethrower, a breeder reactor, and airstrike conducted on the head of Slobodan Milosevic, a 30-foot tall classic monster of the Midway (during the construction of which I learned how to weld; yay me), and full tactical control of Madeleine Albright.

Topping it all off is the Sunday morning Scavolympics, with events like the Havanagila Have-a-tequila, mattress racing, battling siege towers, and drag racing (3" heels minimum).

Thank God for alcohol and 24-hour hardware stores. For this alone I would have gone to this school. The University of Chicago scavenger hunt - come for the day, stay for the nudity.

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