Located adjacent to Portland's Saturday Market is what's called "the drum circle". Right on the waterfront, it's more or less composed of a few kids skateboarding, a couple guys playing tribal drums, and about 75 people prying open their third eyes. One can obtain virtually any controlled substance under the sun simply by sitting perfectly still on the fringes of this "circle" and waiting for the offers to come.

For those of us who don't much care for the taste of sky, the drum circle offers other means of entertainment. Watching fifteen stoners with no coordination try to play hacky sack is good to kill a half hour. Skateboarders on LSD make for the best slapstick this side of Jackie Chan. And if you're an asshole, there are so many potential targets for derision here that you will feel cheapened.

The best, though, is this. Stand on one side of the crowd and wait until you see a drug deal happening. This should take about thirty seconds. Then whisper, quietly but furtively, this phrase: "Five up in the park!". This is local stoner-speak for "Dude, a cop's coming!". Now, you just close your eyes and listen: the sounds will move like a wave across the crowd. First, the harried whispers of warning as your message is spread. Then, the sparking of butane lighters and the weezing sound of air through pipes as five dozen people try to sneak in one last hit. Finally, the crinkling of fifty little plastic baggies being rolled up and hurriedly stuffed into pockets, socks, and backpacks. It's simply breathtaking. And it'll be a good five minutes before anyone figures out what's happening.

There is also a fantastic Saturday Market in Eugene, Oregon.


Eugene Saturday Market claims to be the oldest weekly open air crafts festival in the U.S. and runs every Saturday from the first week of April till November (then the rain spoils things).

Located downtown at 8th & Oak, the Saturday Market spreads itself over several blocks... there is the crafts market with more than 300 vendors selling any handmade hippie item you have ever wanted, from batik and tie-dye clothing, to candles, and hand made jewlery and glass items (beads, pipes, bongs, etc...).

Then there is the food market! mmm yummy! There are Rita's Burritos, the Pizza Research people, the Thai food people, the ice cream people, the cookies, the Vietnamese hot sauce, mmmm! YUMMY!

Then there is the Farmers Market anything organic you're looking for they have... plants too...(except the ganja, I'll get to that later).

The nicest people in the world go to and operate the Saturday Market, a Eugene tradition for more than 20 years... (maybe 30 or so)... while not as large as the PDX Saturday Market, Eugene's version has more soul IMHO.

So... now you were wanting to know about the pot.
Well it's usually sold there across the street from the main market in a spot know as Free Speech Plaza... a good bet is to go by the drum cicrle and have a look there... also good psychedelic mushrooms and sometimes LSD and other exotic drugs can be purchased there. But be careful... the man has been cracking down in the last few years and where once upon a time you could calmy walk around the market smoking a joint or swingin your buds, more security is required these days.

The last thing I want to mention about the Saturday Market is the free music... yep there is a stage and free music from about 10 am till 4 pm... You can usually catch a good reggae band or sometimes there are the women who play accordians, then there is the Balanese percussion group, the blues bands, rock bands, psychedelic rock bands - well you get the idea...
If you're in Eugene definetly go and check out our Saturday Market, you won't regret it... it's one of the things that makes the Emerald City so fricking great!

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