Birth name is John Ruskin. Guerilla interviewer. Front man for Vancouver punk band The Evaporators (which also includes members of another way-cool band, The Smugglers). Has interviewed nearly every interesting person on the face of the earth. Asked Mikhail Gorbachev which world leader had the largest pants. Asked Dan Quayle who the Prime Minister of Canada was (Quayle didn't know, and danced around the question like a boxer with his shoelaces tied together). Was told by Beck to "fuck off." Had his face drawn on with a permanent marker by Jello Biafra. Releases his own recordings in all formats, including reel-to-reel and 8-track tape. Can often be found dining at the Tomahawk Bar-B-Q in West Vancouver, a rock-n-roll eatery of some legend. Ends every interview with "doot-doola-doot-doot," to which the interviewee is expected to reply "doot-doo". Human encyclopedia, often dumbfounding subjects during his interviews with obscure, minute, long-forgotten details of their lives and careers. Songs include "Woof Woof, I'm A Goof," "Mercury Outboards Have Plastic Propellers," "Slap Ham," and "I'm Going To France." Many of his interviews are available on his website (, a site well worth checking out. Incredibly friendly, amazingly accessible. A great friend.

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