The last Irish nodermeet was in June 2003. This is, pretty much, a disgrace to our reputation for hospitality & hard-ass drinking. I, for one, am ashamed. So to remedy this sad state of affairs, Cool Beans is hosting a Halloween nodermeet in Dublin on the weekend of the 29/30th October 2005.

In keeping with the spirit of the season, and to prove that us Irish do more than just drink, the nodermeet will officially begin on Saturday at noon, with a guided tour of the crypts at St. Michan's in Smithfield. Where we will see mummies and assorted other scary things. After that fright-fest, we will head over the new James Joyce bridge, across the Liffey, and up to Peter's Pub, near St. Stephen's Green, for some afternoon fun & chat. There are several nice cafes beside Peter's for those who require non-liquid fortification. Peter's is a small, quiet pub, perfect for afternoon drinking & chatting in preparation for a Saturday night in Dublin. Those noders who opt against visiting St.Michan's can join us in Peter's at around 3pm, or later at 7pm at Yamamori (vegetarian-friendly), on George's Street, where we can dine on noodles and sake. Following this, we will migrate around the corner to a reserved seating area in Dakota on South William Street where we may merrily while away the rest of the evening.

It is not unusual to find various costumed freaks on a Saturday night in Dublin on Halloween weekend; so those so inclined, should go ahead and bring their spock-ears!

For anyone arriving in Dublin on Friday, preliminary drinks and meet-up in a venue in the city centre on Friday night can be arranged for anyone making a weekend of it.

UPDATE: A friend of mine is launching his new club/party night on Friday, 28th in Smithfield in Dublin city centre. In honour of the weekend that's in it, it WILL be a fancy dress party. Booze promotions will be happening on the night. The club is called "Maximum Joy", and claims that it "refuses to be bound by genre, expect the wild and the musical. Freak out to select cuts from the last 50 years of rocksteady, no wave, psychedelia, garage, electro etc...!"

Myself and Haruspex will certainly be going, and if anyone else is arriving in Dublin on Friday, they are most welcome to join us. These club nights have always been a lot of fun in the past, so it should be a night to remember. And at a mere €5 entrance, how can you go wrong? Just DON'T FORGET TO PACK A COSTUME!

DISCLAIMER: However, don't hold me responsible if we look worse than the mummies in the crypt on Saturday morning!

If you are travelling to Dublin, and would like me to arrange accomodation for you, that would be no problem at all, just /msg me asap. Unfortunately, I cannot offer anyone crash-space myself, but anyone who is willing should let me know so I can post it here, thanks.

It should be noted that this weekend is a bank holiday weekend in Dublin, so I, at least, will be available Sunday & Monday if anyone needs a tour-guide around the city. Or needs to know where to get the best hangover-curing fry in the city. The lovely Cloudstrife has suggested a trip to Marley Park, where, thankfully, shroom season will have ended and the forest around the park will be spared the shrieks of tripped-out noder madness. This is not currently on the itinerary, as October weather might not be entirely kind to a trip to leafy suburbia. But for anyone wishing to clear away the ghosts of Saturday night's hangover, a Sunday trip to Marley Park might be just the thing. Maps/tour-guide can be provided on request.

THE SPECIFICS: (for those attending)

  • FRIDAY NIGHT: We are meeting at a pub called The Tap on the corner of North King Street & Church Street, in Smithfield at 9pm (in Fancy dress)
  • SATURDAY: We are meeting under Clery's Clock, O'Connell Street, at 11am.
  • My mobile phone number is (+353) 86 8868173 (086-8868173 within Ireland) - if anyone (anyone attending the meet-up smart-asses!) has any problems, call me over the weekend.

    The party people
    Confirmed atendeeds, so far, include:

  • Cool Beans
  • Cloudstrife
  • Haruspex
  • ReiToei
  • La Petite Mort
  • StrawberryFrog
  • SharQ
  • JellyfishGreen
  • Mrs.JellyfishGreen

    The ghouls
    Those who unfortunately won't be able to make it this time, include:

  • Wertperch
  • Grundoon
  • Wiccanpiper
  • Heisenberg
  • Izubachi
  • Siobhan
  • Glowing Fish
  • avalyn
  • LeoDV
  • Panamaus
  • JodieK
  • RalphyK
  • Wntrmute
  • LSK
  • randombit
  • Albert Herring
  • The Debutante
  • Diotina
  • oolong
  • Heyoka
  • gnarl

    The scarecrows
    Those still sitting on the fence, include:

  • Catchpole
  • nrkblue
  • Hookskies

    Handy sites for those thinking of travelling to Dublin:

    and of course, you can always /msg me if you need accomodation arranged, directions, and stuff.

    Come one, come all, it will be fun, I promise!

    This nodermeet comes to you with thanks to Cloudstrife, who helped me make all the hard decisions.

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