Mizzy and Masu, after a whole year of lesbians, monkeys, and, of course, soy, are finally getting off of their butts and getting married.

Who: MizerieRose and Masukomi
What: A wedding and a general affair of happiness
When: June 8th, 2002, between 12 noon and 3 PM
Where: A plot of land in New Hampshire with a stream and a castle…address is not available yet.
Why: Because we like you!

We would absolutely love it if many of you were able to come for the festivities…we can supply some crash room and I can make a list of locals who can supply crash room, too. There are always nearby hotels, as well.

You can either meet us up at the place (the address is coming soon) or meet at our apartment and go from there. It will be a long ride from our place up. Our address is at the bottom too.

If you do plan on coming, we ask that you bring the following:

1) Folding chairs if you have them, and blankets to sit on if you don't.
2) Something to add to the Pot Luck meal if you can.
3) Drinks, whether they be soda, alcohol, or lemonade…or whatever.
5) Swimming gear! The stream has beach sand dropped in it so swimming is allowed.
4) If you would like to donate money to the cause, please PayPal it to nevermore@rtonline.net.

Please note that gifts are not needed, but kisses on cheeks will be offered to those who bring any. Hehee.

If anyone has any great way to play music there in the field, we would love that. Dancing would be nice.

Dress Code: Whatever you want to wear…just be neat and tidy and that is good enough for us. Please remember that it will be outside and most likely hot. Dress accordingly.

Address of the Plot of Land:
We'll have that available in a few days, as well as directions to get there.

Mizzy and Masu's Address:
361 Prospect Street Apt #2
Cambridge, MA 02139

Email mizzy@atomicpink.com for any questions and PLEASE COME!

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