One day I had a used car for sale in the paper, and a couple of lesbians and their 16 year-old son showed up to look at it. Well, I believe he was the son of at least one of them.

I recognized them instantly as one of my kind because, even though I am a heterosexual male, I have earned the title of Honorary Lesbian by my upbringing. You see, I was raised in the woods by a pack of wild dykes. I don't mean the term "dykes" offensively, it's the term most often used by my mother and her "friends" to describe themselves and each other. So of course I tend to use it myself.

The women and their son looked at my 1987 Dodge Colt and said they wanted to go discuss the deal with a mechanic friend of theirs before they made an offer. Wanting to both be friendly and sell my car, I inquired as to whether they were going to see the Chris Williamson concert the following night. Chris Williamson is a popular lesbian singer/songwriter and it was about as covert a way that I could greet them in the traditional lesbian fashion. Think of it as a lesbian secret handshake. I also needed to be discreet since the nearby son might not know about them.

They told me they were in fact planning to go, and asked if I was. I said no, I already had plans. But we happened to be at my mother's home at the time and my mother and her partner were inside. I suggested they come in and meet my mother and her "friend" before they took off. They did, and everyone got along great. The next day they bought my car for a reasonable price (for the son) and I never heard from them again.

No, I didn't take advantage of them by using the dyke gambit. The car was in all-around good shape and I sold it to them for a price far lower than I would have sold it to anyone else. It was just an interesting encounter to node. Perhaps they trusted me and my old car more than they would have otherwise, but membership has its privileges.

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