In the UK, summer is upon us and the weather gods are indicating that it is going to a pleasant one. A great reason to trot out the Pimm's, cucumber sandwiches, lie about on picnic rugs and turn a blind eye to the bare white beer bellies, all in the company of delightful noders.

It has been five years since the last London Park Nodermeet and seven since the first. Considering both of these nodermeets has resulted in noder marriages, it is time to test a theory, all scientific like. The theory is that a park, with sunshine and noders may cause love.

According to one of Britnoder's huge mathematical brains, wntrmute, we have a good chance of success. "With the small sample space of a pair of nodermeets, and noder romance being infinitely more mysterious than celestial mechanics, I'm thus happy to apply the rule of succession and declare the probability of a third marriage to be 3/4."

This all in the name of science, honest, guv.

When? Saturday 25th July 2009, from 1pm until the sun goes down.

Where? Regent's Park. Just in from the Chester Gate on the outer circle. Close to the Regents Park tube station. Map of the park can be found here, lower right corner is our destination. Message me for my phone number if you intend to get a little lost. I am aiming to have some sort of flag flying so the group is locatable. See below for the Plan B.

Weather: We are hoping for good weather. Plan B is to decamp to the Yorkshire Grey, not far from the park, a Sam Smiths pub that does food. A table will be booked and announcement about the change placed here.

Why?: Well, to prove a theory and for me to celebrate five years since landing in Blighty.

What(to bring): Food, drink, rugs, picnic hampers, Frisbee, cricket bats, umbrella and sun screen. Sharing ones bounty will be encouraged. (Gin soaked may just need some testers for their picnic food.)

Who: Noders, friends of noders, lovers of noders, new noders, old noders in short if you have read this, come along.

Update!! At the moment the weather is changeable. If you are going, message me and I will give you my number, then text me and I will text you on the day if we are going to the pub. At the moment the plan is to Picnic!

Those who are daring to test the theory.

La petite mort – Successful in previous trial.
StrawberryFrog - Successful in previous trial.
The Debutante - Laboratory assistant.
sam512 - computing the algorithms.
spiregrain - charming the agar.
BaronWR - wrangling the bacteria.
Nadine_2 - annoying the test animals.
fondue - putting the results into binary.
Wntrmute - calculating the equations.
Andrew Aguecheek - polishing the test tubes.
krimson - squinting at the geometry.
DTal - tweaking the numerals.

The control group

Hazelnut - lab rat
BaronessWR - white mouse

Those who can not stand the science.

tentative - sabbatical
wertperch - secondment
dimview - leave of absence
junkill - retreat

Crash space for out of towners can be arranged.

Nadine_2 is in need of some floor for his body to rest upon. Offers to him or me.
sam512 is also in need of crash space. Offers to him or me.

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