That's right! Double-M-noder The Custodian, wizard of noding, is coming to London! This March, in fact; and so should you: otherwise, how can you possibly have a drink with him? Unless you live in New York, or you're already here, or... you know what, never mind, just come meet up with us. It will be a magical day, a day of bad decisions and terrible outcomes. Or beer, you can have beer instead. Show up all day, or just hang out for an hour or two in the evening, whatever you like.

We now have a plan! It's a simple plan, for easy going.

When: Saturday, March 7th, 2015

Where: London, we just told you! Jesus!

More precisely, ya yutz. We're starting out at the Mitre pub near Lancaster Gate, from about noon. We'll be having dinner at the Mall Tavern in Notting Hill, whence we will repair around six, although be advised that (this being the cause of this late posting of details) although I've rung several times I have yet to be able to speak to a human and book a table there. Nevertheless, if this plan goes south we'll work it out and alert you; you need not fear on that score. UPDATE: Table is booked at last!


Oh, I almost forgot: How do you get on this list? Piece of cake. Message me. There's a box on my homenode and everything.


Who will be there?
The Custodian, master of the craft
Sam512, theoretical thaumaturge
Clockmaker, confused hedge wizard
BaronWR, primordial-soup alchemist
VicimusGegan, student of the Secret Names
Andrew Aguecheek, invoker of pacts
TenMinJoe, puissant cogitator of the 21st Aeon
Spiregrain, elemental wrangler
Fondue, hermetic scribe
...and YOU!

Who won't?
Albert Herring's spell fizzled
Mac1235's stars are in an inauspicious configuration
Mauler is trapped within an oak
Zephronias doesn't know the way off the Moon
Lizardinlaw knows no cantrap of teleportation
Andycyca can only participate via astral projection
JessicaJ's seven-league boots are on loan

Who can't even be trusted with a simple decision?
Auduster's voodoo is notoriously unreliable
Ancientsnow might need to be magical elsewhere
The Debutante's apprentices are delinquent

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