1960's cartoon superhero featured in his own show produced by Hanna-Barbera. Birdman flew through the sky, as his superpowers were recharged by the sun. He fought the typical cartoon villians who were hatching evil plans to take over the world. He had a bird for a friend, and was also accompanied by Birdboy.

A climber in Joshua Tree National Park, California of epic climbing abilities. He is said to be able to climb anything. I had heard tales of his abilities and his performance from as far away as Seattle. He only boulders and seems to be performing a precise dance on the face of the rock. Every motion of his body is aligned perfectly to allow for the use of the least amount of strength, or exertion. He flows like water. He listens to music on his boombox as he climbs, and is balding. His real name is John, and he's very shy, and quiet.

Legend has it that he is called Birdman because one day he was hitchhiking through Cali and was picked up by someone. He told that person that he was very interested in birds, and wanted a way to get up close to their nests. Supposedly, that driver brought him to Joshua Tree Nat'l Park, and showed him how to climb, so that he could see birds' nests. So, he's now called Birdman.

Bird"man (&?;), n.

A fowler or birdcatcher.


© Webster 1913

Bird"man (?), n.

An aviator; airman. [Colloq.]


© Webster 1913

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