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User Log: January 2015

Last month I wrote:

Last month I chinged:
Editor Log: January 2015
Washington State Oysters
a sonnet for my raisins
Donald Duck
I could've kissed Orson Welles
Everything2 Decaversary Interviews: BookReader
January 3, 2015
and probably Argumentum a fortiori.

Actually the first two there were February chings, but fuckit, I'll count 'em. Either way, this leads me to suspect that I could probably spare someone a ching or two. If you don't have any of your own, feel free to ask, I guess. (WIthin reason. Don't kill the goose &c. &c.)

I contributed no actual content, which is not good; and I don't think it's any consolation to say that I have a lot of half-written, bad nodes on my hard drive. On December 31st I did post about A New York Magician in London: a British Custodermeet, which is a glorious thing, that you should definitely come to.

In conclusion, the state of the Union is that the contents here are just weak like the plague. I'll try to do better in February.

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