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Greetings and salutations from your friendly neighborhood editor. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and the New Year has treated you well so far. Sadly, I wish I could say the same but I’m sure things will turn out just fine in the end.

I’m trying to keep my three month streak alive and provide our readers what I’ve been up to during the last 30 odd days or so to try and keep the site as accurate and easy on the eyes as possible. It’s nothing, just plain old nuts and bolts kinda stuff. Here goes nothing.

Make me beautiful…

Abbie Hoffman by pingouin – fixed formatting

que sera sera – added firmlink to Che sarà, sarà

economics by Myrmidion - removed first sentence that referenced various w/u's within the node that no longer exist

Meryl Streep by yours truly – updated filmography to bring current.

Doomsday Clock by yours truly – updated to indicate we are three minutes away from annihilation.

Beer can chicken by pelsmith – fixed some typos

Tootsie Roll by mdxi – fixed some typos

Goodbye Cruel World – added firmlink to Goodbye, Cruel World

porkchops – added firm link to pork chop

Kurt Vonnegut by pedro – fixed some broken links

Los Lobos by Nothinglasts4ever - updated discography from 2002 to present

Wolfpack – firmlinked to Wolf pack and vice versa

Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America by tokki - removed a reference to a w/u that no longer exists within the node

The blind leading the blind by Ptomato the Fleep – fixed some typos

Wart Hog – added firmlink to warthog and vice versa

86'd – moved all w/u’s to 86 and firmlinked

Acne by pingouin – fixed formatting

Rest in peace

Carl Djerassi by Cosmic Cat – added date of death

Colleen McCullough by getha – added date of death

Rod Mckuen by drownzsurf – added date of death

Joe Franklin by mikemoto –added date of death

Stuart Scott by mcSey -added date of death

Mario Cuomo by Blush Response – added date of death

Eddy Arnold by KissThis – added date of death

Ernie Banks by kiladogg - added date of death

Rules are meant to be broken

In closing, I broke with my own personal policy regarding another user lest there be cries of favoritism from amongst the masses. I tossed an Ed Cool to A Love Poem for Galileo and Men Who Stare at Stars by borgette. I have my reasons, I hope you understand.

Hope the rest of 2015 goes your way and I’ll try and do another editor log next month as time permits. In the meantime, feel free to msg me with any questions, comments or concerns.



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