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A website that has to be seen to be believed. Someone I was talking to on a BBS somewhere posted a link to it, and I went there not knowing what to expect. When I found this monstrous, terrifying vision I just about had an aneurysm. Simultaneously funny in it's insanity and utterly disturbing in execution, porkchops is one of the strangest things I've yet seen on the internet.

Essentially, it is a Flash cartoon presented in episode form. There are currently 6 episodes. I don't know if the creator planned to make more, but what is there is more than enough. It is drawn in a strange, amateur fashion. It encompasses such themes as sex, death, vikings, rock operas, drug use, and liquifying flesh disease. There are several characters: the protagonist - known as Don Key, the closest thing to an antagonist is the never-named Viking, The Pony - The Donkey's love interest, the two little Asian girls, and the true star of the show - the mad Apothecary (and his countrymen).

The episodes are broken up by amazing music videos. Ranging from peaceful folk songs to operatic heavy metal pieces, the music is very strange and erratic, like the rest of the cartoon.

Porkchops is put out by Bullseye Art, but their other productions aren't nearly as interesting. I highly recommend watching this strange, strange cartoon if you haven't.

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