A rural region in north-west France. Home to many standing stones similar to Stonehenge. Has it's own Gaelic variant language called Bretton, although French is much more common.

The reason Great Britain is called Great is so as to distinguish it from Brittany.

An area in north west France which is called Bretagne in French.
Principal towns and cities include Brest, Rennes, Nantes, St Brieuc, Morlaix, St Malo, Lorient and Quimper.
It is well known for its food, especially its crêpes,galettes, seafood and cider, and also for its scenery - ragged coastlines, green valleys and sandy beaches.
The native language of Brittany is Breton and this has more in common with other Celtic languages such as Gaelic, Cornish and Welsh than it does with French.
The Breton folk music has big similarities to Irish music and some of the famous local musicians include Bagad Kemper, Kornog, Gwerz, Yann-Fanch Kemener, Dan Ar Braz,Gilles Servat and Les Soeurs Goadec .

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