Goodbye Cruel World is Custard's 'best of' album which was released in 2000. It is a 2CD set, the first CD being mainly made up of the singles the band released between 1990 (Rockfish Anna) and their break up in 1999 (The New Matthew). Its shows off how varied their music was, from the cheesy disco-pop of Ringo, to the jazzy sounds of If Yr Famous And You Know It Sack Yr Band and the rock of Nice Bird. Disc 1 also has the 'hits' Girls Like That, Apartment and Music is Crap.

Disc 2 is a collection of songs (or versions of songs) not found on the albums. These include cover versions of Cool World and Hallelujah, and alternative versions of Nice Bird and Piece of Shit. There is a live version of Lucky Star (which will forever in the Australian psyche be associated with Big Brother, thanks to the producers of the show tormenting one of the housemates with the song).

The booklet that comes with the CD has a little essay from band frontman David McCormack, discussing the history of the band, and also pictures of all the various bad hairdos the band members have had over the years (well, almost all, there are a few that aren't there which still haunt me). It finishes with the explanation:
This CD contains what we believe to be our best songs. That's not to say that all the other songs are bad, just that these seem to be the ones we would play if we were nude somewhere and there was a stack of people watching us and they were to say, "OK, nudists, play a song."

On a less informative note, if anyone comes across a copy of disc 1 without a cover, could you send it back to me please? It went missing one night when I'd had a few drinks and wasn't paying as close attention to my belongings as I should have been.

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