This is one of those weird housemate stories. I had a housemate whose car was continually broken into. After watching an episode of Mr Bean, he asked his mechanic to fix his car so that he could remove the steering wheel at night.

Sure enough, every night on my way back home I would notice his car, parked outside sans steering wheel. I approvingly noticed that he did not leave his steering wheel in the lounge room or any of the other common areas of the house.

A few months later, while I was eating my breakfast, my housemate comes down the stairs to the dining room with his steering wheel stuffed down the front of his Y-fronts!

After a few moments of stunned silence, I asked him "I've heard of safety measures, but isn't that a bit annoying?"

He said "Annoying? It's driving me nuts!"

Actually, although an old joke, most of this story is true. As an epilogue. a few months later his car was broken into AGAIN, which must mean that the car thief had brought his own steering wheel.

It's a cruel world.

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