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Sometimes I think that babies are the perfect Zen Buddhists. They accept all sensory perceptions without judgment, Look at them. You can see them trying to process all that comes at them, trying to sort it out and figure out what it all means.

The funniest thing about 2 months old is that you aren't even aware of your body as separate from the rest of the world. All is one.

Some might think a reversion to this state of mind would be blissful. I think it would cause insanity. We have learned to focus and filter reality. This is often based upon our preferences, the development of our ego. Ideas like: "I don't like spinach, I like french fries or "I want to focus on this computer and ignore anything else that going on in this room". All the sensory perceptions coming at you all at once. Its an awesome thought...

A breakdown of ego, desire, and duality.

We all start this way. What happens to us?

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