And so it begins...

And they were forced to eat Sir Robin's minstrels, and there was much rejoicing.

NEWER UPDATE:Well, I have returned to Portland as planned and on time which is a miracle given my history with travel. All is on track for a 3 pm meeting Saturday in Pioneer Courthouse Square. If you need directions and bus routes, check out If anyone who is sure to be there feels like posting a cell # for late comers, that would be excellent as it was most useful last time. This update will self-unlink in 5 seconds.
NEW UPDATE: Due to a sudden change in plans (cross-index reference to cataphroses en route below with jinx) I have been thrust back to NY, where I shall remain until flying out on the 14th. And you think your life is odd...
UPDATE:I shall be beginning my drive westward in Danbury, CT, on the morning of August 8th. From the 8th until the 14th, I'll be incommunicado so you should forward time-sensitive messages to other Portlanders, such as ideath, and LordOmar. I may or may not get permanent computer access back until after the Gathering, but I'll find some computer to stop onto E2 from.


The In
The Probably
  • dwyn, the almost sure
The Possibly
The Out


We shall be celebrating the glory of summer and my return from New York, as well as any other celebratory worthy events that are brought to my attention.
For activities, Lord Omar's suggestions sound excellent, in addition to Ye Olde Traditionale Powell's Trippe. Late night food is available at the Roxy, which hopefully still has moxy.


Portland, OR

45.60º Latitude
122.60º Longitude

6728 miles (10827 km), 322.1º NW of Timbuktu
5361 miles (8628 km), 346.0º NNW of Moscow
7304 miles (11755 km), 46.6º NE of Ipswich


I shall be returning August 14th (hopefully, assuming no catastrophe occurs en route). August 17-19, 2001 seem to be a good enough weekend. Two weeks should be enough time to recover from The Loudmouthed E2 Seattle Debauch for those who plan on attending both. Since I'm guessing that I'm not the only not-so-morning person in the E2 crowd, I'm thinking a 3ish meeting time on Saturday in Pioneer Courthouse Square since that seemed to work well last time. If non-native Portlanders are planning on driving down on the Friday, inform me.

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