As I was flipping through channels one day I stopped on one of the A&E channels with a show on about the Denver International Airport being closed because it was built on Indian burial grounds. They were interviewing an American Indian and it occured to me that the media has always patronized American Indians.

Its always the same: they show the indian and que that one bone flute or recorder tune. Then they have a shot of some fire or smoke with a dark background; followed by some talk about spirits and curses. I sat there just waiting for the American Indian to grab the guy and say "look... Im not an idiot. What's the friggin' joke about my religion with you people. I don't see you ready to plow your ancestors tombs down for a strip mall... and why do you insist on inviting that damn flute guy every time we talk. Now, I have a meeting in an hour, can I just say my piece and get out of here, you bastard." It would be beautiful.

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