gnarl and I are pitching up in New York City for a week, starting on Saturday 19th May. Who wants to come out to play?

Who wants to wander around in circles, walking for hours, feeding my nostalgia for the city I ran away to so many years ago? Who wants to drink to a point of silliness in a multitude of East Village bars? Who'd like to drift through The Met and through MoMA? Who would like to dance across Brooklyn Bridge? Who would like to show us some secrets of New York, the hidden treasures, and the sparkling silences? Who would enjoy being tacky tourists and riding in lifts to the highest floors of the highest buildings? Who wants to help us spend fortunes in musty smelling bookshops full of treasure troves of text? Who'd like to sit in coffee shops, taking photographs of reflections, and smoking till we're blue in the face?

(Er, you can still smoke and drink coffee at the same time, right?)

New York noders, will you come out to play?

Got any suggestions? Can we make some plans? Places to go, places to meet? Anyone free this sunday? Is brunch a dirty dirty word?

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