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Yes, I took a few liberties with my generated writeup (hey, he's my bot). I read through lots and lots of generated paragraphs before I picked these 3. I also pulled out 5 sentences from the markov chain-generated paragraphs that I didn't use and put 2 at the beginning and 3 at the end. E2D2 *did* generate everything though.

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Have you ever had to maintain radio silence, watch out for enemy submarines, or struggle with decreasing morale due to your own seminal fluids? The study connected semen allergies with food allergies because of its use in the war, but it is also packaged it in 12oz cans, 12oz glass bottles, and 20oz plastic bottles. Some people think it's too thick and syrupy. Others say it is packaged in the Pacific. I can't go on. This is some primordial fragment from the chain of command. NOW, THEREFORE, I, GEORGE W. BUSH, President of the battle stations have gotten so dense that no intellect can escape. I am God. Twelve names given to America's Commander in Chief of the World. They may never be known. Scholars have debated this for centuries. Because of his way when he's getting it... he really liked to break stuff. Wrong, you dumb crot. The correct answer is "yes, sir." "It's their army I'm after, not their towns." He followed the roads with his finger, all converging on that day and to observe a moment of silence beginning at 8:46 a.m. eastern daylight time, or another appropriate commemorative time, to honor the innocent victims who lost their lives as a part of his Breakfast cereal.

The Killer Angels are just too much to deal with... Is it possible for God to eat some of our military and political leaders? Amazingly, General Robert E. Lee was given only four chapters, which was pretty much a weekly infomercial for Post Cereals, Sugar Bear, but he ended up being The Pope. It was shortly after this that Winnie the Pooh will pick you up, drive its beak into your brain, and upon finding it rancid set you loose to fly briefly before spattering the ocean rocks with the insides which will hurt the economy by causing nearly $650 dollars in damage per year in pennies alone. Most overseas military posts and bases have already done away with the public fearing a mainland attack by the Roman Catholic Church. The origin of this is by design. It is packaged in the dark. Example: Shut the fuck up! What do you want, a cookie?

Richard Pryor comes from a land that reality forgot. His fleet fought well, it was so neat, that even the neutrons have collapsed. After fondling the Supreme Court Justices, woman with this condition can experience numerous problems and frustrations in trying to conceive because of high insurance costs, so many amusement parks have removed the double dips on their homenodes, but have reported that they can later use it again. Try to solve this problem. But how do they get their rope back when it's tied to that tree at the wrong time of year? That was part of his time in the body. By loving their neighbors he squatted on the ground - He sat alone on his face. Ironically, while they are false, the converse is true. This seems absurd.

Written by me for an all-out victory. E2D2's character portrayal and ad-libbing of this plastic explosive had his own problems before the battle of the roller coaster. Find Noders in Your mind.

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I took the bike to work today. Halfway through the trip I saw on the dike on other side of the road, brotherly munching grass together, a goat. And an ostrich.


I just finished reading Letter to a Christian Nation by Sam Harris and I don't think it's helping much. I mean, I'm familiar with Harris, but for those who aren't I think he makes some good points, great points, in fact, about why we should stop protecting people from irrational beliefs so much. I don't know exactly how much. I'm a big fan of protecting minority rights, and I'm looking forward to the day with the United States will join the rest of the civilized world, and religious people WILL be minorities.

I can just imagine the Christians I know reading it. I can imagine their anger. I don't think that's how to make them listen. I so want them to listen. Reading the book this feeling that the US is really being held back by religion, and the feeling that we could be so much better overwhelmed me.

I left Grand Junction on Memorial Day after arriving on Cinco de Mayo. Those 20 days went a long way to understanding "the other side." I thought about writing about my time in GJ, but I didn't until now. I think I figured out why. I'm an interaction junkie. I need a dialogue. I enjoyed talking to my father no matter how much we disagreed or how little I understood the reasons behind his beliefs.

Writing like this generates too little dialogue. You need to be famous for something you write of any length to really make a return on your investment. I can always just play games. Games are like books. Someone created them and if they are any good they will reach a lot of people. People like me, who get to explore what was created.

Maybe I'm just too selfish. I mean if I tried hard enough I might be able to put a good description of the hummingbird situation at my parents house. My mother keeps 4 feeders going at all times. She's done this for years. I wouldn't be surprised if she's actually influencing the evolution of all these hummingbirds. They certainly know about the house I grew up in. The back yard especially (3 feeders) has become a hummingbird restaurant. It's cool there is one feeder in front though, because it hangs in front of the big living room window, and you can watch them easily. I guess it's not too hard to see in the backyard, I'm just not used to my beloved fireplace of my childhood having been replaced with glass patio doors.

The truly amazing part is sitting under the feeders. Then you can hear as well as see the birds. I was thinking buzzingbirds would have been a better name, actually. Once one flew so close above my arm I could feel the air blown from it's wings.

I guess that's not more amazing than when they fight. Hummingbird dogfights (what a cool pair of compound words, eh?) are quite entertaining, and the feeders add a king of the hill element to the struggles. I'm also convinced that the sounds of pod races from that crappy Star Wars movie was inspired by hummingbirds.

Okay, so that was my typical one draft description of something, and maybe some people who read it enjoyed it. I suppose I'll never know for sure. It's possible a friend of mine will say something to me about it, as I've started, and will continue to, link my daylogs to facebook.

Think of it this way: of the number of people who end up reading and enjoying this daylog, how many will get back to me? See playing games and dialogues and what not are much more selfish endeavors.

So why am I writing? Well I thought about writing about my time with my parents like I said. Then I probably thought about writing about this book I just read. I guess the thought that I was slacking crossed my mind. That there were these things I could have done but didn't. And the truth is I like reading old shit I've written too...reminds me of times in my life.

Dates are so good. I wish everything I watched on TV had the date it first aired on it.

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Makes no sense
React react react
Want to bite kick scream
Argue (control) argue
Icky tone of voice
Confusion confusion
Told I am wrong
I am overreacting
I am invalid
Child again

Makes no sense
Don't react
Confusion ANGER
Let anger go
Confusion: Sad, Hurt
Sad feels lonely
Not engaged
Remember you are loved
Remember you are lovable
Sad is ok
Roses and violets and lupine
Spring from the path
Where your true self steps
Call true friends

Makes no sense
No react
Confusion not mine
Roses and violets and lupine
True self
Comfort self

Not mine
Step away
Comfort self

I am loved
I am cherished
I am safe

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